Date: 01 Apr 2011


WHY BHARAT DOES NOT COMMEMORATE PARTITION: \\\\\\\\\\\ It is due to the fact that the Hindus "swallow" insult, defeat and disgrace just like a shy family girl who has been raped. \\\\\\\\\\\ She will rather "lump" the degradation than tell the parents and give them worry and grief. \\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are reticent to such an extent that we have FAILED to recall or commemorate the ignominious DEFEAT & SURRENDER of 1947. In contrast, the West goes on harping on Second World War and the Jews never tire of commemoratring the SIX MILLION dead in concentration camps.\\\\\\\ Here is the anecdote:\\\\\\\\\\ There were two girls one very outgoing and self-confident and the other quiet and shy. Somehow they had to use the same path through a small forest to get to their school. They used to come back home when the sun was setting. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ One day the outgoing girl was caught by a rascal who threw her on the ground. But to his shock she shouted AT THE TOP OF HER VOICE so loud that the people half a mile away HEARD her and ran to her rescue. The rascal got scared and took to his heels in shock. Thereafter the girl was never molested. The rascal told his friends, "ARRAY YAAR, don't go near her. She is impossible. She will shout so loud that people will come running and beat you up." \\\\\\\\\\\ It so happened that one day the rascal came across the other girl who was very shy. While walking through the same forest she was also seen by the rascal who ran and caught her. Frozen in fear she did not open her mouth but complied with the wish of the rapist who took his time in satisfying his lust. \\\\\\\\\\\ The girl returned home but never mentioned her ordeal to anyone. The next day as she had to go the same way the rascal was waiting for her, and, catching her, raped her. Again she kept it to herself. This encouraged the rascal so much that EVERY DAY thereafter he used to catch her and rape her. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now a psychological phenomenon took over. The girl got so used to being raped that she seemed to like it and accepted the regular bashing as her "way of life".\\\\\\\\\\\ Do we see a connection with our HINDU and SIKH prudery and the fear of being teased or laughed at? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This tendency to "cover up", forget or ignore, has encouraged the RASCALS to repeatedly invade Hindusthan only to find the Hindus easy to catch, loot, rape, abduct and kill. Not a day has passed since Partition when the Hindus were not assassinated, murdered, kidnapped or raped. On other days we have border incursions, suicide bombers, hijackers and killers who are all kept busy due to our passive & resigned "way of life".\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That is why we must make a big hue and cry over their attack in 1947 that, out of prudery, our leaders call "Partition". Actually it was the worst defeat, shame and humiliation ever suffered by our BHARAT- worse than the rape of a BILLION maidens in one night! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Apr 2, 2011. 000000000