Date: 02 Apr 2011


CENSUS IN INDIA;\\\\\\\\ India Clocks Up More Growth\\\\\\\\\ By Maid of Kent – With India revealing the figures from its latest Census, the country has once again shown a record growth, not, however, in financial terms but purely in the number of extra Indian citizens on our crowded planet. ========= COMMENT: \\\\\\\\\\\\ What the census did not disclose is HOW MANY MUSLIMS are among these hundreds of millions. \\\\\\\\\ Someone said jokingly, “The Muslim weighs a ton on this planet as opposed to 20 grams of a Hindu.” He recalled the speed at which India lost FIVE provinces to Islamic aggression on ONE day in 1947. He recalled the fact that NO Hindu leader has since assured his following that the surrendered territories will be recovered. He recalls the audacity with which Muslim Mullahs in India are converting the Hindus to Islam in broad daylight. (Watch Muslim media, Institutions and “Peace TV” from Partitioned India). \\\\\\\\\ Muslims are a distinctly separate, volatile and dangerous "FIFTH COLUMN" who believe in a Book that preaches intolerance, violence and suicidal ferocity against the NON BELIEVERS. \\\\\\\\\\ The vicious Islamic attack on India’s integrity in 1947, that led to country's fragmentation, showed how helpless the Hindus, the MAJORITY community, are before the motivated murderous Muslims who are being constantly asked by their leaders and Mullahs to increase their numbers rapidly in order to overwhelm the Hindus and extend the ISLAMIC rule from Lahore to DELH- and beyond, as soon as possible. \\\\\\\\ No doubt ISLAMIC Bangladesh will be quick to join up with enthusiasm for spoils, to grab TERRITORY and slaughter, abduct, rape, plunder and convert maximum number of Hindus. In the long historic context of countless invasions and wars this would simply be a re-play of the former invasions and genocides of Hindus and Sikhs.\\\\\\\\\\ There is still extreme poverty in the case of hundreds of millions who have NO sanitation, tap water, decent clothing and schooling. Nation's wealth is being plundered by the native rulers who do not “relate” to their own kind while blaming the British for exploitation and poverty, but astonishingly, NEVER SAY A WORD AGAISNT THE MUSLIMS.\\\\\\\\\ The newly independent states in Eastern Europe that were at the same level of impoverishment in 1989 that India was in 1947 have made such rapid progress that deserves the highest praise. Where are the poor of Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia now? Today one can travel across these states and not notice any difference with the countries in Western Europe. However, while traveling through India one immediately notices widespread poverty (children begging) as well as impoverishment (ignorance & despair).\\\\\\\\\\ The reason for rapid progress in Eastern Europe is "NO MUSLIMS, NO DYNASTY". How long will Europe manage to keep the Muslims OUT remains to be seen. \\\\\\\\\\ Unless the native population of India wakes up, their future is bleak. The country is likely to be overwhelmed by Muslims within decades and turned into an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC right across the borders of the old British India in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ April 2, 2011. 000000000