in support of Anna Hazare fast

Date: 02 Apr 2011


As NRI's plan on activities in support of Anna Hazare fast, let us step back and think about what activities will bring in more returns. Here are some thoughts: \\\\\\\\ 1) While we may take token fast in front of Indian Consulates, the more effective way is to do in front of Swiss Consulates. As Global Financial Integrity, a highly respected organization showed, this corruption is not just about corrupt people in poor countries, but it is in fact more about rich countries providing safe havens in highly secretive numbered accounts. The outcome is staggering with more than half of human race impoverished by these. If Swiss can get Mubarak assets frozen, why cannot it freeze the assets of Gandhi family and other corrupt Indian politicians? Doing in front of Swiss consulates is strategic because it gives international attention to the whole issue. Even if the money was moved away from Swiss banks, as Obama Govt did, they can declare the assets they held and later moved out. \\\\\\\\\\\ Ian Birrell, who is independent reporter (and happens to be speech writer to Cameron) had this excellent article 'We help Dictators to steal', that appeared in Guardian on this issue: \\\\\\\\\\\ 2) The Corruption conference at New Delhi on Dec 1st and 2nd at New Delhi is a great success. You can view preliminary videos at (it will come on Aastha channel). We need to have such conferences around the world, particularly US (and UK). We have to bring in luminaries such as Baba Ramadev, Dr. Swamy, Govindacharya, Gurumurthy, Arvind Kejriwal, JP, Vaidyanathan and others who are fighting a valiant battle in India. \\\\\\\\\ 3) We need to make call to all Indians working in finance having access to any Indians (including Sonia family) accounts in safe havens to come out and declare (or leak) their assets. In the conference, former director of CBI Mr. Lal made such a suggestion. As he said, all revolutions are illegal and when laws are made by corrupt people then any activity to expose corruption comes under illegal category. This is another place where NRI's who are highly placed especially in finance world can make a difference.\\\\\\\\\\ Here is some verbiage that can be used for banners in front of swiss consulates (for demo and fast). \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1) NUMBERED ACCOUNTS ==> NUMBERLESS (BILLIONS) STARVING AND DYING. 2) SAFE HAVENS ==> MASS HOMICIDE 3) SAFE HAVENS ==> NEW IMPERIALISM 4) YOU ARE CORRUPT WHEN YOU PROTECT CORRUPT 5) WHY WILL CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS EXPOSE THE CORRUPT? 6) YOU ARE PARTY TO MASS MURDER OF HUMAN RACE \\\\\\\\\\\\ We can think more. 000000000