Date: 02 Apr 2011


WHAT & WHEN OF ISLAM? \\\\\\\ Since Islam is rapidly increasing in Europe and America the original inhabitants are apprehensive and wary. Many wonder, “What is the nature of the beast, and how to deal with it?” \\\\\\\\\\ ANSWER: First understand Islam. Then look around throughout history to find out how it has performed with, and among, the existing communities. Then draw your conclusions whether to embrace it or eradicate it. \\\\\\\\\\ To see the theory of Islam, read and understand KORAN. To see Islam in practice do TAKE THE TROUBLE, and go to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Libya. Compare Islam with NAZISM with regard to the wish to CONQUER/CONVERT the whole world, intolerance of the others and inbuilt violence and hostility. \\\\\\\\\\ You may study both Hitler and Mohammed at the same time and draw your conclusion that the former was FAR BATTER though EQUALY destructive and ruthless. Hitler did not grab, snatch, capture, or force himself upon, SO MANY WOMEN from age 6 onwards nor did he destroy any church, synagogue or mosque. \\\\\\\\\ He built up Germany’s industry and a network of motorways. Mohammed had no such ideas. The desert he was born in, remained the same till he died.\\\\\\\\\ Now you will conclude that, “ISLAM IS EVIL.” You are not alone. Many scholars and countless people have come to the same conclusion. Among others, read Geert Wilder’s speeches and listen to Nick Griffin in England. You can also talk to a HINDU in Partitioned India if he fled Lahore or East Bengal in 1947 or Kashmir in 1989. \\\\\\\\\\ Now you are an expert on the theory and practice (reality) of Islam. So, you may wish to know when to start forcing Islam out of your country?\\\\\\\\\ To the question, “When to start pushing Islam out of your country?”, here is the answer: \\\\\\\\\\\\ “WHEN DO YOU START TREATING CANCER OR ERADICATING GANGRENE?” Obviously, this very moment, not a second later. \\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000 3 Apr 11.