Date: 04 Apr 2011


PICTURES INSULTING THE HINDU CHARACTERS ARE ON THE INTERNET, SURELY WORK OF DERANGED MUSLIM MORON IN PERMANENT MODE OF PROVOKING, INSULTING THE THE MORE EDUCATED, ADVANCED AND CIVILISED KAFIRS. \\\\\\\\\\ The photos are disgusting like everything the MUSLIM MORONS do to provoke the Infidels. \\\\\\\\\\\ In this case, too, INITIATIVE RESTS with the Musalman - BEIMAN. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus only react by complaining, moaning and protesting. \\\\\\\\\\ We, too, need to show INITIATIVE and circulate pictures of MOHAMMED IN BED WITH 9 YEAR OLD CHILD BRIDE AISHA, or Fatima in the dark with a HINDU slave. It can be done within Hindu (or NON MUSLIM) discussion Lists which are invariably visited by curious Musalmans. \\\\\\\\\\\ "GANDHI was NO patch to SWORD WIELDING MOHAMMED." SO GANDHI WAS DEFEATED IN CIVIL WAR OF 1947. INDIA ESCAPED TOTAL DESTRUCTION BY SURRENDERING FIVE PROVINCES UNCONDITIONALLY TO THE "DEVILS". NOW THE DEVILS ARE BLOODLETTING AMONG THEMSELVES ALL OVER PAKISTAN. ONLY YESTERDAY (3 APRIL 2011) THEY SUCCEEDED IN SLAUGHTERING 50 IN DERA GHAZI KHAN THAT LIES IN THE BARBARIC CULTURAL VOID OF WEST PUNJAB.\\\\\\\\\\\ We cry over MF Hussain's vulgar paintings of goddesses but have been waiting for a HINDU painter to send something from the private Harem of any Haraami Musalman Sultan or Nawab or Arab Sheikh. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ IS IT NOT TIME FOR TIT FOR TAT? IS IT NOT TIME TO PROVE THE MAXIM ONCE AGAIN THAT "THOSE WHO DIG A WELL FOR THE OTHERS FALL INTO IT THEMSELVES."? 000000000