Date: 05 Apr 2011


WHEN THE BUDDHA STATUES WERE DESTROYED IN AFGHANISTAN NOBODY WAS KILLED IN ANGER OR REVENGE. WHEN TWO MILLION HINDUS WERE MASSACRED IN 1947 THE HINDUS DID NOT KILL FIVE MILLION MOHAMMEDANS IN REVENGE IN MAHARASHTRA OR TAMIL NADU. BUT WHEN A COPY OF KORAN WAS BURNT THE MUSLIMS KILLED THE UNO PEACE MISSION IN KABUL AND MANY FELLOW MUSLIMS IN RAGE WHERE NO NON MUSLIMS WERE TO BE SEEN.\\\\\\ REASONS TO REJECT KORAN AS HOLY.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Contradictions of Quran \\\\\\\\\\ 1. Actually Quran is full of Contradiction. So in few ayats you can get just the opposite idea. From the Islamic point of view, both of them are true, otherwise Allah will become liar. \ \\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. The list of contradictions of Quran is large. But there are many more reasons for rejecting Quran, and for not believing Quran to be from one true God. \\\\\\\\ Sadly, many Muslims become unnecessarily aggravated because they do not understand these contradictions. In fact, many Muslims try to evade a discussion of the real issues regarding the truth of Islam. \\\\\\\\ There are all kinds of contradictions in Quran. Quran is floating on very thin ice. There are verses that contradict each other. There are verses that contradict the facts of history & science. Then there are verses that contradict earlier revelations. \\\\\\\ 3. Moslems are totally unable to resolve the contradictions of Quran. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000