Date: 05 Apr 2011


Evangelical Christians from the Centre of Pastor Terry Jones put the KORAN on trial for encouraging RAPE & MURDER and set it on fire after a jury found it GUILTY. \\\\\\\\\\\ What a SHAME that those from PARTITIONED India have not added to Pastor Jones’ knowledge about the MILLIONS of Hindus KILLED and RAPED in 1947. Additional charge would be the destruction of the two ancient sacred BUDDHA statues in Afghanistan whose destruction was inspired by KORAN. \\\\\\\\\\ The destruction of WTC towers in New York was “inspired” by KORAN. \\\\\\\\\\ The woman-hater Taliban are “inspired” by Koran. Instigation by KORAN is also responsible for the wanton DESTRUCTION of all the Hindu temples in Northern India as well as the bloody brutal PARTITION of that country. \\\\\\\\\\\ Somali pirates are inspired by KORAN. They are ALL good Muslims and pray five times a day to ALLAH for additional strength to plunder more infidels. \\\\\\\\\ Inspiration by KORAN is responsible for such degradation of women that FOUR can be picked up by a Muslim to be his obedient legal wives. \\\\\\\\\\ Inspiration by KORAN is responsible for secret JIHAD in the West in the shape of record breaking-number of children in Muslim families. It seems the Muslims will soon be ready to launch civil war in several countries in EU. \\\\\\\\\\ If a trial was to be held considering the above mentioned ADDITIONAL evidence one would find full justification for burning ALL THE COPIES OF KORAN on earth.. \\\\\\\\ Father Jones has shown the way. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Kuru Apr 6, 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=216_1207467783 \\\\\\\\\\ www.partitionofindia.com ===================================== 000000000