Date: 06 Apr 2011


BAN OR BURN KORAN \\\\\\\\\\ In the case of cursed Partitioned India her seditious Muslims had to be expelled, and their Book of Hatred, the KORAN, had to be banned, on the very day they established their SEPARATE homeland called Pakistan, rejecting Secularism, Indian Constitution and the universal principle of EQUALITY of all races and religions on earth. But our unfortunate Hindusthan was herself in enemy hands and not only ACCEPTED Partition (without Referendum, condition or challenge) but also insisted on embracing the ENEMY. Nehru gave us the slogan “HINDU MUSLIM BHAI” and Gandhi called them “my children” who will soon repent and rejoin Bharat”. How misleading and misguided the (damn) FOOL was to say so while the barbarians were advancing in Kashmir over the dead bodies of Hindus and threatening Srinagar!\\\\\\\\\\ Evangelical Christians from the Centre of Pastor Terry Jones put the KORAN on trial for encouraging RAPE & MURDER and set it on fire after a jury found it GUILTY. \\\\\\\\\\\ ( \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What a SHAME that those from PARTITIONED India have not added to Pastor Jones’ knowledge about the MILLIONS of Hindus KILLED and RAPED in 1947. Additional charge would be the destruction of the two ancient sacred BUDDHA statues in Afghanistan whose destruction was inspired by KORAN. Mad believers in KORAN and blind followers of MOHAMMED OF MECCA grievously injured the feelings of the ONE BILLION Buddhists worldwide.\\\\\\\\\ According to this Book of Hate & Deception the murder of one innocent person is like murder of entire mankind. Then how do you explain the countless murders by Muslims since the time of Mohammed? Were those killed in WTC towers in New York and the Underground passengers in London not innocent? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ All those murders and the destruction of WTC towers in New York were “inspired” by KORAN. \\\\\\\\\ The woman-hater Taliban are “inspired” by Koran. Instigation by KORAN is also responsible for the wanton DESTRUCTION of all the Hindu temples in Northern India as well as the bloody brutal PARTITION of that country. Guru Tegh Bahadur was BEHEADED in Delhi under inspiration by Koran. The two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji and boy Hakikat Rai were also mercilessly KILLED under the inspiration of KORAN.\\\\\\\\\ The 2008 Mumbai attacks in November 2008, killing innocent guests and bystanders, were carried out by a group of mad Muslim Jihadis brainwashed by KORAN. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Father of Pakistan, with MOHAMMED in his name, who was born in India but then destroyed her unity was also inspired by Koran. The Muslim mobs in Afghanistan who destroyed the UN mission in Kabul and KILLED the innocent workers in it including the Gurkha guards were inspired by KORAN to kill and burn. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Somali pirates are inspired by KORAN. They are ALL good Muslims and pray five times a day to ALLAH for additional strength to hijack more ships to plunder more infidels. \\\\\\\\\\ Inspiration by KORAN is responsible for such degradation of women that FOUR can be picked up by a Muslim Jihadi to be his obedient legal and loyal wives. \\\\\\\\\\\ Inspiration by KORAN is responsible for secret JIHAD in the West in the shape of record breaking-number of children born in Muslim families. It seems the Muslims will soon be ready to launch civil war in several countries in EU holding KORAN in one hand and SWORD, GUN or DAGGER in the other. \\\\\\\\\\ TRUTH will be served if a copy of Koran is burnt IN PUBLIC for each and every innocent girl abducted by force in India and raped, for every NON Muslim killed anywhere in the world for being a NON Muslim and for each and every place of worship of Hindus, Jews, Christians and Buddhists that was destroyed in order to make way for a mosque on the very spot. \\\\\\\\\ The silent suffering, secular, tolerant, COWARDLY, peace loving & gentle world, the followers of Buddha, Moses, Christ, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Gobind Singhji, waiting for another Jihadi MOHAMMEDAN attack, must decide if a copy of the book, that can be reproduced and reprinted a million times, is more important than even ONE terrified innocent Hindu girl who was dragged to Kabul along with ten thousand more, by the savages under Ahmed Shah Abdali’s command centuries ago or those abducted and raped by Mohammedan “dogs of lust” the other day, i.e., during the massacres in RAWALPINDI on 11 March 1947 and in NOAKHALI on 16 August 1946. \\\\\\\\ If a trial was to be held considering ALL the above mentioned ADDITIONAL evidence one would find full justification for burning ALL THE COPIES OF KORAN on earth. \\\\\\\\\\ Father Jones has shown the way. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Apr 6, 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000