Date: 07 Apr 2011


Pathetic Hindusthan.\\\\\\\ WE SEE "PANDAVAS" AND "KAURAVAS" CONFRONTING EACH OTHER. Sri Anna Hazare has appeared like Sri Krishna. \\\\\\\\\\ The GOVERNMENT OF INDIA (Axis of ITALY, ISLAM & DYNASTY) are for spreading MORE & MORE corruption to cover up their own misdeeds like BOFORS commissions, and are dead set against its eradication. Their heart is in the destruction of NATIVE spirituality, morality, culture and civilisation, that is, the HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\ PEOPLE are finally fed up and are dead set now to remove corruption- but NOT government that seems an impossible task like the removal of a mighty Mogul Emperor or the British Viceroy. What was left for the NATIVE stalwarts like MK Gandhi was to go on fast unto death. \\\\\\\\\\\ A REVOLUTION is gradually beginning in our enslaved Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\ 7 April 2011. ====== 000000000