Date: 08 Apr 2011


SIKHS & HINDUS BOTH AT THE SAME RECEIVING END \\\\\\\\\\ A proud “Infidel” once said, “1400 years ago a crude and insensitive guy called my ancestors “Kafir” but himself a self-proclaimed “Rasul Allah”. All these centuries we have tried to get this provocative book banned but in vain. Does it not show the triumph of Barbarian over the Civilised? \\\\\\\\\\ This fake Rasul Allah wants us to salute him. Why does he not salute us if he is a man like us and we are EQUAL in the eyes of God? We do not insult him so why should he insult us?” \\\\\\\\\\\\ Why haven’t ALL the insulted KAFIRS united to complain to the UNO to get the book banned? Does that august body accept the division of mankind into Momins (Believers) and Kafirs (Infidels)? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The reason is the suicidal tolerance of the NON Muslims, especially the Hindus. Notice one Dr. Zakir Naik in charge of the seditious cell called PEACE TV, broadcasting from Mumbai in Maharashtra, the land of warrior Hindus, who is converting the Hindus to Islam, misquoting the Vedas, in broad daylight. Like a maggot eating flesh in a cadaver he is eating into the body of Hindu nation and we are all watching, taking a deep philosophical sigh. Is there a Hindu TV broadcaster anywhere in Pakistan bringing the restless Taliban and murderous suicide bombers back to their ancestors’ Hindu Dharma? \\\\\\\\\\ Then we have the forgetful SIKHS in East Punjab, many of them former refugees from West Punjab, who are helping the MUSLIMS re-build their mosques instead of pointing the way to the nearest GURDWARA where they can listen to melodious “Kirtan in Ragas” and the calming verses from Guru Granth Sahib, and also eat free? Is there a village or town in West Punjab where our Muslim “brothers” are helping the few survivors of Holocaust re-build their gurdwara? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ These Sikhs have to rescue their Chief Minister from “Union Territory” (Chandigarh, that is NEITHER in EAST Punjab NOR in Haryana!) of Bandit Nehru and enable him to rule his proud Punjab from LAHORE instead of effortlessly drowning themselves in the Congress created Culture of Corruption, Drugs, Drinks and Dowry murders. Are they waiting for “Rashtramata” SONIA or another nun from ALBANIA to inspire them? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8 April 2011. 000000000 000000000