Date: 08 Apr 2011


It is indeed a very learned article with the vital flaw in its argument, to suppose that active Muslims, passive Muslims and secular Muslims are fixed quantities. \\\\\\\\ Like a cloud they are variable both within and without. The son of a gentle Sufi can turn out to be Kafir KILLER Aurangzeb. Sons of AKBAR from Hindu wives never came out to restore the Temple in Ayodhya or ANYWHERE else. \\\\\\\\ On our side, too, this is true of an active, passive and a secular Hindu since NONE of our divisions, sects and branches can get any inspiration to KILL from any leader, holy book or scripture. \\\\\\\\\ Hence Hindus, who did not RETALIATE to Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD, did not go out to capture TURKEY in 1192, too. Instead, our Delhi was captured by them with the accompanying GENERAL MASSACRE of the Hindus and the destruction of our temples and abduction and rape of our defenseless daughters. \\\\\\\\ Again the Hindus, and even the martial sword wielding SIKHS, were passive at Partition, true to our salt, indoctrination, brainwashing and true to our CORE VACUUM OF IDEOLOGY in 1947 when a few, NOT ALL, Muslims attacked. And before retaliation could even be considered in dream, our TOP LEADERS had already agreed to surrender FIVE provinces of India without laying down a single condition. \\\\\\\\\\ That was 1947. Let us move ON another six decades and come to TODAY. The Hindus, sect, caste, the SIKH, and ALL, are the same- UNABLE to claim back LAHORE, recover North Kashmir and even ensure the safety of Hindu girls in West Bengal and Hindu families in SRINAGAR. \\\\\\\\\\ Among the Muslims, the CORE FORCE OF IDELOGY has remained the same. On 26/11 it was the mere ten of them who attacked our hotels in Mumbai in the Land of Marathas and their SHIV SENA. Not once even ONE Hindu has gone to Karachi, Lahore or Dhaka to EXPLODE a bomb to take a few lives. But in THEIR case killers, bombers and suicide bombers are a daily routine. Only last Sunday a young lad of 15 exploded a bomb to claim over 50 lives in Dera Ghazi Khan. They were ALL Muslims. That shows the PERMANENT universal nature of Islam, based on KORAN, to kill and so much the better if the victims are KAFIRS (Hindus). \\\\\\\\\ More instances of THEIR continuous and UNBROKEN propensity to KILL can be cited but our comment will become too long. Sadly, the Sikhs, too, adopting the culture of drinking, drugs, bribery and dowry deaths in EAST Punjab, are in the same category of self annihilating suicidal FOOLS. Right now some of them are helping the Muslims in EAST PUNJAB re-build their ruined mosques without a clue to the implications or the ability to recall their history. \\\\\\\\ Very few of us realize that WE ARE STILL AT WAR against the Indian Muslims. Nehru and Gandhi "ceased fire" too quickly in 1947, and later, the entire Hindu nation embraced it as something sacred, or life saving. \\\\\\\\ The Muslims, ON THE OTHER HAND have NOT accepted our cease fire but still show strong and unabated tendency to occupy the whole of Kashmir and then "go for DELHI" to recreate the old Mogul (ISLAMIC) Empire. \\\\\\\\\ Time is always on the side of attacker since the defender must doze off some time. In this case the HINDUS have been the DEFENDERS since 712 AD who lost TERRITORY, LIVES & DAUGHTERS with every wink. \\\\\\\\\\ To conclude, for the KAFIRS mentioned in the Koran, given the PERENNIAL mission (JIHAD) to subjugate, convert or KILL them, and till that bogus Partition is dissolved, only a DEAD Muslim is a good Muslim. The naked Truth is that eventually it will be either them or us. We could not stay put in LAHORE, the "litmus test" of never two swords in one sheath and proof of Mr Jinnah’s TWO NATION theory. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9 April 11. ====== \\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 08/04/2011 21:26:13 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx writes: Nice article !!! \\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.citizenwarrior.com/2011/04/wouldnt-it-be-better-to-support.html \\\\\\\\\\\ "Wouldn't it be Better to Support the Peaceful Muslims (than to Criticize the Violent Ones)?" 000000000