Mandate Inquiry into Intolerant Faiths!

Date: 10 Apr 2011


All Free Nations Must Mandate Inquiry into Intolerant Faiths! Written by: Raju Peddada April 7th, 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Editor’s note: On March 10, 2011 US Representative Peter King opened Congressional hearings about radicalization in the Muslim American community. The New York congressman says the threat of homegrown terrorism is on the rise and American Muslims aren’t doing enough to stop it. Author of this blog tries to explore – Why Governmental inquisitions on Islam must be an imperative for every democracy. ————— \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please allow me to preface this article by stating that what I write here is not just an opinion based on other secondary opinions, but based on my direct experience with Muslims during my life in India, the U.S. and visits to Africa. In the course of the last decade, I have been subjected to their reductionism, that Muslims have been known for, towards non-Muslims, by seemingly the most moderate of Muslims, nurtured in north Africa and Europe. I have suffered their bigotry, Intolerance, discrimination, outright disrespect, hostility, demands to convert, asked repeatedly why I was not a Muslim, was cheated and lied to, and deliberately misinformed, with utter want of civility. This is not some vacuous and venomous opinionizing, neither is it a catharsis of my prejudice, but simple facts, as I had experienced, along with my Hindu Pandit friend, who actually referred to them rabid-savage people, after being among them only ten days in a Muslim country. We also found an antipodean alchemy of “arrogant ignorance” in their disposition; this phenomenon is an invisible bubble they live under, in isolation, from any “bad” influences of the 21st century outside. We also, astoundingly, were asked in their village “how can there be anything other than Muslims in the world?”\\\\\\\\\\\\ Any religion that issues fatwas and attacks people for speaking the truth and their freedom of speech must be subjected more than just inquisitions. More than anything, it must become a referendum on why radical Muslims must be put under a microscope for their intentions on all the non-believers and free nations. A manifest double standard exists in the Muslim world over how they react and treat similar issues. Afghanis, wearing foreboding beards and billowing tunics, running in the streets, throwing tantrums like spoiled brats over the burning of a Quran in Florida, few days ago, destroying their own towns in rabid insanity. The scenes in Afghanistan reveal to us how dangerously ignorant and primitive these people are. When the Muslims, besides all the killings, desecrate, destroy and pillage Christian churches, Like the ones in Iraq and Egypt recently, Indian temples in West Bengal few months ago or the Giant Buddhist Bamyan statues 1500 years old without any provocation what-so-ever, to which, the reaction is restrained at best, with civil statements of protest from the victims. Should we protest like them, essentially like infantile savages with no restraint what so ever? Can they ever understand and live with the concept of diversity or disagreement? Can we stop, once and for all, coddling their tantrums with political correctness and cowardice? Can we just tell them “shut up and deal with it…just like we deal with your shit!” I doubt it.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let me explain for those who simply cannot understand or choose to live in denial. The precepts of these faiths, that take on the air of exclusivity of a club, can engender and inculcate hate and violence towards non-believers or non-members to such an extent, it becomes embedded in their cultural DNA and gets passed on in the genes from generation to generation. This hypothesis had already been proven and affirmed by genetic researchers, neuroscientists and psychologists. If you are acolytes of intolerant faiths, your individual identity is no more important. Only that you are reduced to an ardent henchman and follower of the dictates of that faith. In other words, your identity and soul are “confiscated,” your reasoning or rationale are obliterated by brainwashing, solely for the propagation of that faith. You become a rabid mechanism for the religion, a mechanism for propaganda, proselytizing, procreation and war. This they call radicalism, but I disagree, it is rather the mainstream with younger acolytes in their intolerant world. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Their radicalism is nothing to do with philosophical contemplation or a spiritual inquiry into the truth(s) around us, like coexistence, natural diversity or a higher form of life spent in peace, renunciation or giving. The obdurate and inscrutable teachings of the intolerant faiths and their leaders have only one whole objective and purpose, to convert or annihilate the non-believers. If anything else is believed, it is our own myopic denials and political obscurantism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The real human qualities of humaneness, kindness, compassion, acquiescence, empathy, compromise, and tolerance are replaced with dissimulative qualities of reduction, intolerance, hate, misogyny and violence. Intolerant faiths have the tendencies of a pathogen that attack basic human qualities and turns their acolytes from soulful beings to robotic ghouls. Intolerant faiths develop intense loathing of non-believers, enough hate go around marauding to convert or kill the infidel. On a larger scale acolytes of these intolerant faiths behave like malignant cancer cells within a healthy free society and nation, overwhelming them from within, by multiplying and metastasizing fast and undermining the very system that hosts them. Here, analogy becomes a powerful tool in explicating such bio-political-religious concepts. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The precedent was set few years ago by the Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, who demanded an inquiry into the effect of Islamic teachings and the Trojan Horse that Islam represented in the west with its insidious extremists and the silent supporters labeled erroneously by the main stream media as moderate Muslims. A predominant quality of the immigrant Muslim is that they come equipped with an arrogant ignorance, which they assiduously nurture while enjoying the benefits of the host culture and nation. This arrogant ignorance also has an accompanying quality and that is the utter lack of gratitude for the welcoming nation within the Muslims. I suppose, their attitude is a deliberate design towards victimhood that enables them to isolation and dissimulation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ First of all, an inquiry into any religion signals two things, the shame and attention it brings upon its followers, focusing on the malignancy of its followers to warrant such an investigation by a nation’s legislative body, supported by other groups. But, there is no shame within the followers of Islam, because they do not respect non-believer-infidel value systems, who they consider as fodder for conversion or annihilation. Muslim population within any democratic western or eastern nation is a Trojan Horse, their sole purpose is to subvert, undermine, devalue and destroy the very values that welcomed them in the first place, to install Islamic laws. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On March 10, 2011 US Representative Peter King opened Congressional hearings about radicalization in the Muslim American community. Peter King’s intensions and agenda was clear a summer day’s sky. The congressional inquiry was to gauge the spread of the Radical Islam. Why not just say Islam? It’s a great idea, but with major flaws. You don’t summon in Muslims for interrogation or public inquisition. They will simply and deftly hijack the process with great demagoguery and propaganda making themselves look like the victims and the inquisitors as villains. And that is what exactly happened. Rep. Keith Maurice Ellison, a Muslim congressman from the state of Minnesota put on a great show for the main stream media, and they swallowed it hook-and-line. This inquisition was flawed, the organizer, Peter King, was way in over his head against a Muslim’s skilled skullduggery and diversion into rhetorical emotionalism that generally derailed any rational inquiry, turning the inquirers into a villains, and putting them on the defensive. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In my humble opinion Mr. Peter King should have summoned the following folks to answer the questions on radical Islam and for that matter Muslim atrocities in general. The folks, who should have been invited to speak before the Congress on Islamic radicalism and Muslim atrocities across the globe would be: 1. The Hindus remaining in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim nations, 2. The displaced Kashmiri Hindus, 3. The Coptic Christians in Egypt, 4. The Christians in Lebanon, Iran and Iraq, 5. The English folks in Muslim neighborhoods in England, 6. The French-German-Danish-Swedish-Dutch folks living next to the Muslim Ghettos in their towns and cities and, 7. The Israelis in their bordering towns. Or any minority groups being subjected to Muslim atrocities. These folks would have painted a more accurate picture on the activities of the followers of Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. King also, should have invited many folks that have escaped the clutches of Islam and were able to write their experiences in poignant memoirs. Some memoirs have seared our psyches with images of Islamic abuse and the bestial nature of Muslims. Brigitte Gabriel’s “Because They hate,” Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “The Caged Virgin,” and “Infidel” and Noni Darwish’s “Now They Call me Infidel” are such books that urge us, the free, to such inquisitions, and inquisitions are not enough. The Muslim communities in free nations must not be allowed to operate under Islamic or sharia laws, they must be subjected to the nation’s constitutional laws. If they do not follow the law of the land, they must be deported. These are the only measures that will sustain and safeguard our free and civil ways of life. What has taken place in Europe must never be allowed here. “Eurabia” The Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye’or is a must read for those who still have a problem digesting the portents of Islamic Dhimmitude. \\\\\\\\\\\ On the Islamic side, they should have invited Gilani, the founder of Islamburg and other Jihadist camps, the Iranian president, the outspoken Mullahs from Europe and the U.S with their agendas, also, Muslim students from various universities here. The last thing Mr. King should have done is to give the microphone to an Islamic PR specialist like Rep. Ellison. This unfortunately turned the inquisition upside down, despite it being a good idea. But these hearings managed to show the insidious finesse of the Muslims on the world stage, whether we grasp the implications or not, this could have been a great inquiry if the aforementioned victims of Muslim violence were given a chance to speak out. \\\\\\\\\\\ We will never get the facts from Muslims, especially, when they are not in the majority, and when they are in majority, their actions speak for themselves. They are sanctioned and decreed by their faith to lie to the non-believers and never to learn or assimilate with them. So, if they look and appear as peaceful, friendly, tolerant and acquiescing victims, it is by design, to hoodwink the gullible amongst us, especially the ones in the media, so Al-Jazeera can splash it in the Arab world showing how the westerners or non-believers discriminate against the Muslims and subject them to humiliation. Here is an antipodean reality-the concept of shame and honor within the Muslim communities is to kill for, but, they do not feel any shame whatsoever at all when it comes to their activities against non-believers, they lie, cheat, steal and even kill to attain advantage over the non-believers. This is why there must be organized inquisitions by authorities. \\\\\\\\\\\ Angela Merkel had thrown the gauntlet, declaring that “multiculturalism does not work” indirectly referring to their Muslim conundrum in Germany. The French premier, Sarkosy also echoed Merkel’s sentiments in no uncertain terms. These statements were mainly aimed at the Muslims, the true aliens, who had not assimilated into their national makeup and societies in two generations. Rather they, the Muslims, continue to exploit the resources of their host nations, and have become malignant cancer cells within their national bodies, which they, the indigenous, now want to purge. The Muslims become a separate nation with a nation, undermining the very laws that accepted them. They are what ecologists refer to as non-native species that do harm to the native species and their culture. Muslims proliferate rapidly and occupy the habitats of native species, atrophying their resources, suffocating them from access to food and procreation, eventually displacing or rendering them extinct. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Victims of Muslim atrocities, If given a chance to speak in front of the Congress and the world stage, would have given Mr. King and his commission an inordinate amount of information on the planning, schematics and tactics, in short, the playbook used by Muslims amidst democratic nations to undermine, subvert and obfuscate the laws and use them against the host nation. We also would have known, at what critical mass would the Muslims start their demands against the laws of the non-believers and their nation. It took only a 10%, the Muslims, in the French population to inflict massive damage on the French cities after France had banned the head scarf in schools. We need to remember that not every Muslim is a terrorist, but almost every terrorist is a Muslim. If we are to protect our civil ways of life we need to act exigently and have more of these intelligence gathering interrogations that could lead to the right actions in protecting our civil ways. 000000000