Date: 11 Apr 2011


British geneoristy towards Pakistan \\\\\\\\ Dear Ministers and MPs of the British Parliament, \\\\\\\\ David Cameron proved himself an outright THOUGHTLESS PM by handing out 650 millions to terrorist epicentre and the biggest exporters of terrorists PAKISTAN. This is truly barmy on the part of PM who otherwise have done a very good job so far. What persuaded him to do such a stupid thing when he is most ruthlessly cutting grants to universities and then giving away British taxpayers 650 million to a country should be called Porkistan than Pakistan. Much of that will undoubtedly end up with notorious PAK Army and more notorious ISI to train and aid terrorists by them to fight against NATO forces in Afghanistan and sending terrorists out to India. \\\\\\\\ The British was most instrumental to create Pakistan by the demands of Indian Mussalmans which caused 2 million killings, slaughters and rapes mostly HINDUS and SIKHS and 35 million displaced persons from their ancestral homes and lands. And alas what a creation since 14th August 1947 by the British and Indian Musslamans like evil Jinnah, Liaqat Ali etc, a country permanently relied on alms and charity but spend much of their national resources to build up nuclear power and terrorists AND THE KILLING MACHINES NEVER SEEMS TO BE LACKING SUPPLY OF MANPOWER TO RUN THEM. \\\\\\\\\\ I wonder when either the USA or the British will ever wake up to play fair game. xxxx =============== \\\\\\\\ The British PM sanctions 650ml. for eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan, because education enlightens a person and its youth will refrain from the anti-terrorist lures. \\\\\\\\\\\ The PM forgets that perpetrators of heinious acts like 9/11 and 7/7 were not illitrate persons. \\\\\\\\ Furthermore, Britain ought to have learnt lesson from its so-called multi- cultural approach of handing out funds to buy integration. Even today various Councils sanction monies to encourage inclusiveness amongst Muslim Youth.\\\\\\\\\ As long as there is a firm and unshakable commitment to the ideology envisaged in most of the seminaries(Madarsas etc), such efforts will not achieve desired results! \\\\\\\\\\ xxxxxxxxxx 000000000