Aftermath of Anna’s "Fast unto Death"

Date: 11 Apr 2011


With regards. Col LK Anand Retd Aftermath of Anna’s "Fast unto Death" \\\\\\\\\\\ My Dear Indian Brethren, \\\\\\\\\\\\ I, like any one of my country men, very much appreciate the devotion and determination of Anna Hazare an Ex Havildar of the Indian Army. His history after his discharge from the Army at an early and premature age, is replete with instances of sacrifices he made for his village and for the state of Maharashtra. His patriotism and sense of dedicated devotion towards a cause, have not only been the result of his illustrious and disciplined career in the Army, but also of a burning desire within him to work as a selfless citizen of this great country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Incidentally, There are millions of ex-servicemen in the country who work on similar principles as Anna, without expecting much from the nation, except a dignified and respectful life, but unfortunately this UPA government, is still immune to the force of their conviction, their service and sacrifices made for the nation, during and even after their retirement. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Undoubtedly Anna’s ideals are great revolutionaries of India, like Swami Vivekanand, Mahatma Gandhi and similar great Indian personalities. His devotion towards these personalities has given him an immense power to attract, the millions of right thinking citizens of the country, who believe in their ethically correct teachings and ideals. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is a pity that our leaders and politicians, who try only to preach the Gandhian systems and ideals by word of mouth, amongst the Indian population, are the greatest hypocrites and seldom practice them truly and sincerely amongst themselves or within the Indian Polity. If they had been true to the Indian constitution, to the Gandhian principles and ethos or to the oaths of office they have been taking in front of Indian Public for upholding these, the situation now obtaining in the country would never have been created or arisen. They have only bluffed and hood winked the population with false promises before each and every election and most selfishly served their own and personal cause to bestow upon themselves all facilities in cash and kind or in whatever ways possible. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr Anna and his followers including myself, must fully realise that this is not the end of their mission and struggle but is the start point. The present government which has placed the most cunning amongst its ministers on the committee, would try to bulldoze their way through, to their own advantage, to enable them to continue ignoring and shielding, acts of corruption in high places. The public members will have to be vigilant to ensure that they do not lose any ground, just because they have got a notional representation. Once Lok Pal Bill is formulated and passed and becomes a legislature, the job would then start. \\\\\\\\\\\\ This is the time, when all the corrupt people are identified and are made to face the lok pal to reap the rewards of their misdeeds and mis-doings. The confiscation of entire wealth and property of the corrupt, must be done immediately, so that they are not able to dispose off or sell or transfer the wealth and property, during the period of litigation. This would have to be universally applied in all the states, so that no corrupt could escape under any circumstances. The people at all levels must also become very strict, vigilant and stringent in encouraging any types of corrupt practices. They must be bold and courageous to report any cases of corruption coming to their notice. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only when such things start happening, and there is a drastic reduction in instances of corruption, could we presume that the efforts of Anna and his followers have started bearing fruits. Presumably, the struggle now is tougher and should start showing results within next six to eight months. \\\\\\\\\\\ I also very much support the Anna’s plan of conferring a right to the citizens of the country for "recalling the failed or non performing public representatives including those elevated as ministers" elected by them within a specified period. The suggestion of Swamy Ramdev Ji, of not only getting back Indian money stashed in foreign banks, as well as for demonetisation of Indian currency notes of higher denomination to discourage large scale and disproportionate circulation and holdings, by unscrupulous elements including corrupt politicians, must be done as early as possible. It may involve substantial expenditure to the state initially, but would be very beneficial for national development, in the long run and be in the overall interest of country’s economy.\\\\\\\\\\ Wishing the mission the very best and success. xxxxxxx 000000000