Date: 11 Apr 2011


PLEASE SEE E-MAIL BELOW: \\\\\\\\\\\ Congress, like the British, believe in DIVIDE & RULE. This is also CORRUPTION of the worst type. It is most ANTI NATIONAL act. But being autocratic and enjoying absolute POWER they can get away with anything, including treason, deception and illegal foreign deposits. \\\\\\\\\ It is up to the PEOPLE of India to act smart this time and see through the Congress design. Congress is exploiting and deceiving the nation due to the dependence, lack of courage and ignorance of the people. \\\\\\\\\\ Will the people, too, be astute to consign Congress to the grave? We must wait and see. It appears that FINAL RECKONING is overdue. \\\\\\\\\ 12.04.11 =============== In a message dated 11/04/2011 01:37:34 GMT Standard Time,xxxxxxxxxxx.in writes: \\\\\\\\\\\ Anna Hazareji has ended his fast. The Govt. has agreed to form a committee to draft a Jan Lokpal Bill. If one law can solve the problem of corruption, that is well and good. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The media is overenthusiastic in reporting the entire event live. Swami Ram Dev who first started the anti-corruption movement, is visiting each district through out the country, where lakhs of people assemble to listen to him. The same media has never reported his meetings or speeches. What is their enthusiasm in reporting Anna Hazarijiís fast? Is it a Congress managed show? \\\\\\\\\\ The Congress is not at all worried as long as there is no threat to it from another political party. Anna Hazare has not uttered a single word against Congress - the fountain head of corruption. He has also announced that he is not interested in politics. And this is exactly what Congress wants. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Contrary to this, Swami Ramdev has decided to form a political party and challenge the Congress. Looking at the public response to his campaign, the Congress became jittery. And in Anna Hazareji, it has found a good safety valve. By driving a wedge between Swami Ram Dev and Anna Hare, the Congress wants to take some winds out of the sails of Swami Ramdev. \\\\\\\\ Anna Hazareji has not mentioned a single word in support of the Bharat Swbhimaan Andolan of Swami Ram Dev. On the contrary, he has announced that he will form an organisation, taking advantage of the groundswell of support from youngsters. Now what this new organisation will do, as it is not going to enter politics? Will it be complimentary or competitive to BSA? \\\\\\\\\\ When Anna Hazare broke his fast, he took Nimbooz by 7Up, a Pepsi product described by Swami Ramdev as "toilet cleaner". This will definitely boost the sale of Pepsi, against which Swami Ramdev is carrying on a relentless campaign. \\\\\\\\\\ In fact, what Anna Hazareji is doing is exactly fitting in to the scheme of things of the Congress. It has divided the anti-corruption movement - one with Swami Ram and the other with Anna Hazareji, supported by Art of Living and some dubious NGOs having a soft corner for the Congress - two parallel organisations working against corruption, in the process dividing the people (voters) into two. And in the entire episode, the Congress party is the winner! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ To escape from the fury of revolutionaries, the British Government established the Congress party, as a safety valve. Today, the Congress is propping up Anna Hazareji, to escape from the fury of Swami Ram Dev. History is repeating itself. \\\\\\\\\\\\ -- 000000000