Date: 11 Apr 2011


1. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ I have read all comments but would like to mention that DR.Subramanain Swamy's name should have been in the group of five people representing people for the drafting of the JAN LOKPAL BILL , who has been fighting single handedly without personal gains and who saved Raamsetu from destruction from Sonia.He has many issues in hand in court to clean up the mess created by Nehru -Gandhi dynasty since partition. He is a former law minister and visiting professor to Havard University and Chairman of Janata party.\\\\\\\\\\\ Kindly click and read do you know your Sonia? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ As is rightly pointed out there is well justified criticism / cynicism, even skepticism among the people. We, therefore, hope that the Govt will deliver this time. \\\\\\\\\\\\ But knowing the mind & track record of this Govt, they will NOT deliver. \\\\\\\ Some FACTS cannot be ignored. The Govt + Dynasty + Congress are a formidable Concentration of Power ("CoP"). We can compare it to a mighty autocratic Mogul Emperor ruling with iron hand over a dissatisfied, disgruntled, agitating Hindu nation. The rulers stuck to power right till the end and were not bothered by Hindu might, media or public opinion. What moved them out ultimately was the British might. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ So, it is doubtful whether the Hindu nation has acquired sufficient MIGHT or CLOUT living under a HOSTILE and CORRUPT "Sarkar" for over six decades to shake this CoP by themselves. Let us not forget, the Ayodhya Temple is still in ruins, the Hindus are not returning to their homes in Srinagar, not one corrupt minister is in jail, not one killer Jihadi has seen the gallows, and the Govt has not asked the Swiss banks to return the money to India. \\\\\\\\\ We cannot overlook the innate Hindu characteristic of forgetting and forgiving. Recall umpteen victories of Prithvi Raj over the Muslim invader. So many times having won, he let the enemy off. Finally when the enemy succeeded, he was hung and quartered, his women distributed among the Turks and Hindusthan went into deep & CRIPPLING slavery for the next THOUSAND years. \\\\\\\\\\\ Here is how the internal dialogue of the Govt (MIGHTY COLLECTION OF BABOOS) would have run: "He will not gather more than 200 followers. The media will ignore him and finally he will break his fast red faced and vanish in the crowd." \\\\\\ SO MUCH FOR THEIR LOVE OF CLEAN GOVERNMENT and good intentions! \\\\\\\ But when the movement rapidly gathered pace they sat together again and pondered, "Let us not make him a martyr. If we "buy" time now the nation will forget within weeks. So let us AGREE with the demands and make him leave the platform and disappear in the masses." \\\\\\\\\\ It is inconceivable that the Govt will really pass the Bill and make it an Act since their own huge deposits abroad are threatened and if they are exposed they might lose POWER for good. \\\\\\\\\ Let us wait and see. We need not celebrate as yet but wait for the Bill to become an Act although even then cases of fraud, deception, illegal commissions and bribery can hang on for decades till all the accusers and investigators die of natural death. The example of BOFORS CHOR is before our eyes. \\\\\\\\10/4/11. \\\\\\\\\ \\Jai Bharat. \\\\\\\ No matter how much the Khangress party tries to remove the words " Jai Hind" and " Vande Mataram" from the Indian people just to please the Musslamans but it was crystal clear from Mahatma Anna's movements, that, it is inbred in Indian people's hearts. I hope, the criminal khangrees understand that now. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Further, I am a bit surprise to note, that, Dr. Kiran Bedi is not one of the five members in the Drafting Group. I wonder, if anyone could answer that. \\\\\\\\ Finally, I don't trust the Khangress and the criminal crook infested Indian parliament. There are only a very few totally clean and patriot MPs like Rajiv Chandrasekhar. Until, the bill is passed, I have no faith what the Khangrees says. What Bharat needs now is Narendra Modi to come up as national leader and as future PM of Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\ Please read the letter as under. \\\\\\\\\\ I would welcome any comments. \\\\\\\\\ Best wishes, xxxxxxxxxxx \\\\\\ Subject: JUBILATION IN ORDER EVEN THOUGH FIRST STEP ON A LONG ROAD AHEAD \\\\\\\\\\ Dear All, \\\\\\ As one who has been keenly following corruption related issues in our nation as well as the possible causes and solutions, let me assure you that today is a day of celebration, truly, for all right thinking people in our country who think of the welfare of the nation and its 1.2 billion people, above all else. \\\\\\\ The events of the last five days have proved my point / assessment made last year that the number one factor for all major ills in our country, including corruption, is "leadership failure". Anna Hazare, with his life full of 'sacrifice' and 'service' to the people, has provided the kind of leadership that was necessary but lacking for the masses to come together spontaneously in this common cause. Though mind you, the preparation for this had been going on at least for the last six months and may be more, when several like minded people/organisations/social activists had come together to form the platform "India Against Corruption" (IAC). If I recall correctly, the first press briefing held jointly by these stalwarts which included Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation, Swami Ramdev of the Bharat Swabhiman Andolan, Swami Agnivesh, Anna Hazare, Ms Kiran Bedi, Ms Mallika Sarabhai, Mr Arvind Kejriwal and several others, was held at New Delhi in October 2010. Thereafter, a public event has been held under the aegis of the IAC at New Delhi and several other cities across India almost every month. I myself attended the event on 30 January 2011 at Ram Lila maidan, New Delhi, which was attended by at least 35 to 40,000 people who later marched to the Jantar Mantar. Ms Medha Patkar and Shri Shanti Bhushan, Prashant Bhushan and Ram Jethmalani also spoke on this occasion, in addition to most of those listed earlier, and though the main focus for these public rallies has been the fight against corruption, the major sub-text was the Jan Lokpal bill. What I am trying to bring out is that the outcome that we are seeing today in the form of the GOI notification appointing a joint committee to draft the Lokpal bill by 30 June 2011, and a declared commitment by the PM to table the bill in the parliament in the forthcoming monsoon session, has had a lot of dedicated, hard work of almost a year by all these public figures / activists, and we must readily give the credit where it is due. I am mentioning this fact because there has been some criticism / cynicism displayed in certain quarters while most of the Indian middle class is jubilant and is celebrating. \\\\\\\\\\\\ However, as stated most clearly by all activists including Anna Hazare, this is a mere first step on a long road ahead. The biggest achievement has probably been the realisation among the common people of the country about the collective power that they wield, provided it is harnessed correctly by a sincere and selfless leader for a just cause. Anna has requested the people to be ready for another 'andolan' if the bill is not made into law by 15 August 2011. My hope is that leaders of most political parties have seen / sensed the mood of the people and that the bill will be passed without much problem, of course presuming that the government will use its political capital going by the assurance of the PM. If that happens, it would be a historic achievement wherein the peoples' voice would have delivered, without the formal provision of a referendum in our constitution. \\\\\\\\ Going a step further, I feel that the bigger challenge for leaders like Anna would be to make the people follow in his footsteps of 'sacrifice' and 'service'. Only then would each individual citizen become conscious of his / her own contribution or otherwise for the betterment of society as a whole, and the terminally poor masses hope for opportunities to finally improve their lot. \\\\\\\ By the way, I was at Jantar Mantar and the enthusiasm, energy, hope and belief in Anna Hazare's leadership on display by the thousands of citizens present from all walks of life and from diverse age groups, entirely voluntarily, had to be seen to be believed. Jai Bharat, \\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000