Date: 12 Apr 2011


1. WHO TO FOLLOW ON BURQA?\\\\\\\ THESE FEMALES SAY, "IT IS AS PER ISLAM." \\\\\\\\\\\ So, WHICH version of Islam is the best? \\\\\\\\\\ Ask the Taliban, see the Constitution of Pakistan (made by Gen. Zia Ul Haq) and ask the Al Qaida. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They are ALL, indeed, closest to Rasul Allah, Mohammed and claim to be the BEST Muslims on earth. \\\\\\\\\\ And, Mr David Cameron, if you do not wish to be misled, fooled or confused, just BAN the BURQA. Follow the French. 2.\\\\\\\\\\ I hope the penny drops with the liberal and democratic West and they are not conned for these Magna Carta type of psyche by the Muslims. David Cameron committed to assertive liberalism, but his enthusiasm appears to be rather unstable now. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. Subject: Re: ON AIR at 1700G: Is France setting an example for the world? To:\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ FRANCE IS RIGHT.\\\\\\\\\ If the Muslims are appeased even on such a medieval custom like BURQA, Europe, too, will resemble AFGHANISTAN eventually. \\\\\\\\\\\ Then we will see the women flogged and shot in the open and there will be MANY who will support such punishments for speaking to a stranger, showing ankles or face in public and driving the car alone without a male guardian or objecting to being ONE OF THE FOUR wives of a good Muslim. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 12.4.11 ========= 4. \\\\\\\\ In a message dated 11/04/2011 14:41:10 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\\\ ON AIR: IS FRANCE SETTING AN EXAMPLE FOR THE WORLD? \\\\\\\\\\ France is at the centre of three top stories today - and its role in all three areas is controversial. \\\\\\\\\\\ Facebook and twitter (hastags #voile and #niqab) are humming with debate about the French ban, imposed today, on women covering their face in public with the niqab or burqa. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The first arrests have already taken place after a small group of women - who were wearing veils - staged a protest in Paris.\\\\\\\\\\\ Some of those who support the ban argue that France's secular identity must be preserved. Others, who see the niqab and burqa as symbols of female oppression, say the law is a way of supporting women's freedom. But Nesrine Malik writes in The Daily Telegraph today and describes the law as "a mix of Islamophobia, busy-bodying feminism and resurgent nationalist sentiment". Who's right? Is France setting an example? Would you like your own country to follow suit? Or is it getting it wrong? 000000000