Date: 12 Apr 2011


IS FRANCE RIGHT IN BANNING THE BURQA?\\\\\\\\ A typical RESOIBSEl\\\\\\\ Yes, France is right !\\\\\\\\\\\ I support France too............though for slightly different reasons. Sarkosy says its to ensure freedom for women from oppression. This is bullshit and I'm surprised at Sarkosy. Sarkosy should have stressed that the burqua is not the French way of life. If you want to wear the burqua, you are most welcome to do so, BUT go to your country and do it there. This is not our way of life. \\\\\\\\\ This mistake Sarkosy has made will take a long time to correct. As much as I dont agree with Le Penn, I have to agree with some of his statements. Europe should ban the Burqua............. and so should America. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Screw all the bullshit about the individual's right to do as they please. THIS is NOT the French or European way of life , as much as wearing a bikini in public in these f*cking Islamic places is banned............. there need not be any other excuse or reason to explain why. \\\\\\\\\\ If one wants to wear the Burqua, she is most welcome to do so............only go and do it where you belong ! You can even wear a chastity belt outside your normal clothing and nobody will care. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ F*ck the Arabs..........f*ck the Islamists........f*ck all these idiots ! \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000