Date: 12 Apr 2011


Sir, thank you for smelling "hatred" in my e-mail, but not seeing Akhand Bharat in it. \\\\\\\ Surely you know that the dead have no hatred, nor love. \\\\\\\\\\ Hatred and Love co-exist like day and night. Both need each other according to Law of Nature. \\\\\\\\\\ Through Love GANDHI perished. So will YOU, if you only have love all the time. \\\\\\\\\\ Through HATRED they conquered LAHORE and East Bengal, and North Kashmir and Sindh and even our DIGNITY and DAUGHTERS. \\\\\\\\ Sadly, ALL the Hindus, who have dumped the Ideal of Akhand Bharat, are like the EARTHWORMS who are beheaded on one side but grow the head on the other side and start walking again. The President of India, the Prime Minister nad all this cabinet adn State Governors and ministries belong to this category of "demolished" mankind who put BANDIT Nehru above BHARAT. \\\\\\\\\ Surely, as a Hindu, you do not wish to receive KICKS, SPIT, INSULTS and DEFEATS in Middle India, too, as we got in Western and Eastern India (Pakistan and BD respectively). Surely you would wish to react and retaliate. But would you do so through love like Gandhi or by something else that INSPIRED Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji and even Sri Rama in Sri Lanka to HIT BACK. \\\\\\\\ It is that SOMETHING that you ought to have noticed in my e-mail, not hatred. You chose the easiest way to snub me. \\\\\\\\ This low down despicable or ignorant "Hindu" kisses the VIDHAN of Nehru where one does NOT find the words AKHAND BHARAT nor HINDU DHARMA but you do see the native EQUATED with the FOREIGNER so that the Hindu may "lick" any ITALIAN OR VENEZUELAN who does not have to be Hindu at all! but consider our own native girls as inferior. \\\\\\\\\ Please recover from believing that RETALIATION is the product of HATRED. NO. Retaliation is the product of your self esteem and self respect. Those who consider themselves the "dust under the foot of rulers" do not have that SPIRIT but prefer to live like Dhimmis or KAFIRS (as per Koran). \\\\\\\\\ So please educate me on the INSTINCT or FEELNG that will rouse the DEFEATED Hindus (who are extinct in Lahore and invisible in Srinagar) to the level of CONQUEROR Mohammed. If you call it "hatred" then so be it. Loving Gandhi ate the dust of defeat in 1947. \\\\\\\\\ One day our enslaved Bharat will dump this Coolie's Constitution meant for Partitioned India under the shadow of Italy & ISLAM, and write up a new one which will ban any ITALIAN BORN female to become Rashtramata of "coolies" and prescribe hanging to death for any BOFORS CHOR in order to eradicate CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\ I look forward to your answer to the question, "Why should the cowardly Indians expect one Anna Hazare alone to sacrifice his life to remove Corruption while the corrupt RULERS have stashed trillions of people's wealth ABROAD?" \\\\\\\\\\ With reference to your last sentence, I assure you that this Constitution, meant for Nehru's SLAVES, will vanish like QUETTA and CHITTAGONG from India, and RAMAYANA will prevail in Bharat like KORAN in Lahore. The present Law of the Land is not worth the paper it is written on. It too will be blasted and replaced by ANOTHER type of a new Law under which the likes of BOFORS CHOR (RAJIV "GANDHI") will be under the gallows, not the true patriots like Sri Hazare.\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\YOUR NAME SEEMS TO BE HINDU. WE MAY BE MISTAKEN SINCE YOU WRITE THAT LAW OF LAND IS ABOVE RAMAYANA. IN REALITY IT IS RAMAYANA THAT IS TO INSPIRE THE TYPE OF LAW THAT BHARAT MUST LIVE UNDER. ARE YOU A SECRET CONVERT TO ISLAM? THERE ARE TOO MANY ROTTEN APPLES IN PARTITIONED INDIA GOING ABOUT MISLEADING THE OTHERS UNDER IMMACULATE HINDU NAMES. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 12 Apr 11. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 12/04/2011 01:33:37 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\ Yes, India won...but that India is not the India you have described with your total lack of civility. What you are preaching is HATRED and you are just as wrong.\\\\\\\ Read the Indian Constitution and that is the Law of the Land , not the Ramayana.\\\\\\ 000000000