Date: 14 Apr 2011


PATRIOT CITIZEN FORUM WATCH \\\\\\\\\\ Bharat Mata Ki Jai - Jai to the Patriots of Bharat Mata - Jai Hind \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ============================== ================ Dated: Monday, April 11, 2011 \\\\\\\\\\\ SUBJECT: Don’t feed to our children shit of dogs, cats and other animals through the infestation of flies that lay eggs in the feces of animals. Mosquitoes must be wiped out from India – don’t keep India worse than the worst third world nations. Many African Nations are much cleaner than India. \\\\\\\\\\ Dear Indian Babus: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Did you know that flies lay their eggs in feces such as dogs, cats, old food, and stagnant water? \\\\\\\ Houseflies frequent dung heaps and other fecal sources (dog, cat, and other animals). They also visit decaying matter including dead animals. When landing on food that is prepared for human consumption, contaminated material is transferred to the food. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Horses get million times better treatment in Mackinac Island than people living in India. In the West, even for their animals they try to keep off the flies from them. See Fly Predators: v=2JwrzBTU_9Q&feature=player_ embedded \\\\\\\\\\\\\ See the movie of Western Island – no flies? How well is kept! What are their ethical reasons & civic sense, why are they particular for cleanliness and hygienic conditions? \\\\\\\\\\\ ANSWER: The Government wants to make sure the life of their natives and visitors is comfortable. Flies are nuisance. Additionally, flies carry E-coli and other diseases. People in Government of these Western Countries and its people are always seeking for answers for cleanliness and beautifying their towns whether be a small village or the biggest town. \\\\\\\\\\\\ GO TO SWEET CORNER IN NOIDA, UP and look around it – surrounded by garbage and open gutters around it are emitting severe fowl/pungent smell as if The Sweet Corner got the license to keep it whatever shape and fashion. Flies are everywhere sticking to food and ejecting shit of animals on the food which are being relished by Indian public – but in the process, they are eating shit of the dog as well. Sweet Corner must be fined million of rupees as it is hazardous to health.* If Sweet Corner is taken to the same judge fatten up by the same racket, consisting of Sales Tax Officer and others – it will be simply dismissed. Owner and his manager must be taken to the PATRIOT CITIZEN FORUM where its patriot judge presides and he must be put in jail for bribing Sales Tax Officer and other Health Inspectors. \\\\\\\\\\ “Flies of shit” are everywhere and naturally “flies of POOP” lay eggs in the feces of dogs, and other animals and then they are allowed to sit on your food. \\\\\\\\\\ Next destination was “Har Ki Pori” in Hardwar where public bath room had humans’ shit all over outside and inside. Entire area was covered with humans’ feces and hardly had any place to walk to the toilet. One lady even yelled: “Don’t go inside as there was shit all over surrounding even outside the toilet as well – no running water.” \\\\\\\\\\ The Commissioner of Hardwar is being fattens up like the BAKARA OF EID – it was so ugly scene seeing flies everywhere. How can you stand these criminals who are dirty filthy and keeping things very unhygienic? We found out that Hardwar receives probably the most public donations and yet they have not made it comfortable for public, pilgrims. SHAME ON all these bastards who are stealing money from Indian people! Pull them out of the offices and hang them now in public. \\\\\\\\\\\\ THOSE WAITING TO BE HANGED NEED NO ELECTRIC CHAIR OR HANGING ROP– SIMPLY LOCK THEM IN THE FILTHY PUBLIC BATHROOMS: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One person advised that the Indian toilet will be the best place to suffocate the death row inmates – just lock them up for one to two hours and wait for them to die naturally by the rubbish smell emitting out of dirty bathrooms. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our society is led into ugly unhygienic situation by the most corrupt government officials. Instead of providing training and organizing facilities, they sit in their air-conditioned offices very comfortably. Most IAS officers simply passed IAS examinations by cramming the Western issues by reading Time, Life, Reader Digest magazines. None of them have ever studied or interest in our great science and heritage of India. They need to be publically hanged for such disrespect for their very own society and yet remain the YES MAN of the West. That Goolami Mentality Still Hanging even after 63 years of independence. These Babus used to intentionally slow down work ethics during British Rajya and that was the reason that India lost the World Control over its manufacturing. Remember, anyone ever tries to put you off, make demonstration outside the building and even outside the house of these arrogant British Style Indian Babus. \\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT ARE YOU EATING? FOOD LACED WITH THE SHIT OF DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS? The local Sales Tax Officer is at rampage collecting bribes from local businesses and this is the situation with most corrupt officers. These cheap classes, traitors must be hanged live in public for these crimes committed on the Indian society. After 63 years of independence, they have been behaving extremely irresponsible and corrupt leading further down fall of our people. Unless one has no respect for their own people, no country can ever respect them. As to this date, this largest populated democracy has not yet the permanent seat in the UNO because the foolish leaders are very self-centered and always manipulative 100s of ways to con the government and its people. \\\\\\\\ EACH AREA MUST FORM “PATRIOT CITIZEN FORUM” WITH THEIR OWN JUDGE AND THAT FORUM ADVICE MUST BE CONSIDERED ON ALL GOVERNMENT LEVELS. \\\\\\\\\\ Indian public must form in each neighborhood “Patriot Citizen Forum” to go after every corrupt Indian Babus. The Sales Tax Officer of Noida gets anyone arrested with the help of his sister who is working for Noida police department or even have beaten. His sister and Sales Tax Officer must be arrested immediately. The entire Noida is witness. \\\\\\\\\\ Only it requires a tough honest officer to investigate the matter and you will find 100s will come forward. His government salary could be Rs. 50,000 or say Rs. 100,000 per month but where is he getting 25 to 30 lakhs per month. Who is in his gang? His gang includes judges as well. They work together to cause trouble to any business person of Noida. No matter what the businessman convince the judge, still judge is not ever going to be convinced because HE IS ALSO THE BAKARA OF EID – WELL FATTEN UP BY THE BRIBE MONEY. These low classes steal money assigned for cleanliness and to keep off mosquitoes and flies off the public. These cunning classes have dirty minds as they do not respect their own people. They are filled with too much egocentric behavior and they must be stopped for their aggressive usage of power and position in reverse. They are always scheming but never planning what can benefit the natives. They constantly misuse power and position and continue to dictate like arrogant dogs but to the Westerners, they constantly wiggle their tails – yet they find no respect among their own people. ASK THE FOOLS, WHY DO YOU BEHAVE SO ARROGANTLY AND DISRESPECTFUL MANNERS WITH ANY NATIVE, REGARDLESS BIG OR SMALL? They know well that the Police Santaris are constantly spreading hands and collecting bribes. \\\\\\\\\\ After 63 years of independence, yet arrogant INDIAN BABUS (who are actually the servant of the public but yet to this date they are behaving like the British Lord and the Master of the Colonial rule). They pass IAS examination by reading Western Time Magazine, Reader Digest, yet they have not learned how to keep off the flies and mosquitoes. \\\\\\\\\\ While driving, everyone watches each day flies all over children and adults sitting on the side walks; mosquitoes biting even in day light and after 63 years of independence nothing have been improved. These self-centered egocentric government Babus have no self-respect, no compassion for natives and dignity for their own nation. They rather prefer to pocket the money assigned for cleanliness. \\\\\\\\\\\ These crook boys taking bribes under the table; always spreading hands under the table to accept bribes. A beggar on the street is at least not stealing. A beggar is begging under stressed circumstances but these arrogant Indian Babus in government think that they got the license to steal legally and arrogantly use their power and position. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is a live example of a sales tax officer of Noida, U.P., India: his legal government salary may be between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 100,000 the most but he is making 20-30 lakhs per month or even more plus all kinds of gifts and sweets are sent to his house and family members. This bakra is fat – so hang him live now before he harms others. Plus hang all his compatriots, including judge. \\\\\\\\\\\ This Sales Tax Officer has a sister in police department and she uses her illegal power on the order of Sales Tax Officer to beat and put them in jail. This criminal is running a gang like many gangsters around Noida. And other parts of the country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is necessary to get rid of flies and mosquitoes in India for several reasons. Please study and comply. \\\\\\\\ v=2JwrzBTU_9Q&feature=player_ embedded \\\\\\\\\\ The common house fly is a small pest that can be a large nuisance. Additionally, flies carry E-coli and other diseases. \\\\\\\\\\ C0117442/html/diseases.html \\\\\\\\\\\ There are a wide range of diseases that can be transmitted by flies. Here are some of them: \\\\\\\\\ Typhoid Fever (Salmonella typhi) \\\\\\\\ Symptoms: High temperature (up to 104 deg F or 40 deg C), loss of appetite, headache, stomach pain and usually some weakness. Sometimes a pink skin rash appears. Treatment: A doctor will usually prescribe an antibiotic and the symptoms will cease in a few days. If no treatment is given, the subject may become seriously ill and even die from secondary problems (up to 20% typhoid fever sufferers die without treatment). \\\\\\\\\\\\ Cholera (cause by Vibria cholerae, a bacterium) \\\\\\\\\\\ Symptoms: unexpected episodes of watery diarrhea that contains flecks of white mucous material, stomach pains, dry or sticky mouth, sunken eyes, concentrated colored urine, in a child a markedly sunken fontanel (the soft spot at the top of the head), dry skin, nausea and vomiting (usually). Treatment: Cases can vary from mild to serious. If untreated, serious cases can lead to imminent death. Drink plenty of fresh water, mixed with small quantities of salt and sugar. This will restore the body's fluid. Treatment must be given immediately. \\\\\\\\\\\ Escherichia coli \\\\\\\\\\\\ Symptoms: This depends on the strain of Escherichia coli. Most strains are harmless and result in no detectable symptoms. Other strains, such as O157:H7 can sometimes cause bloody diarrhea. In a very small number of cases Escherichia coli O157:H7 can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome that can lead to kidney failure in young children. For most of us, and for most of the time, Escherichia coli causes no problems. Treatment: No treatment is necessary, unless uremic syndrome occurs, in which case a blood transfusion and kidney dialysis may be required. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Shigellosis (cause by Shigella, a bacterium) \\\\\\\\\\\\ Symptoms: Diarrhea (often bloody), fever, and stomach pains. Most cases are mild and may not even be noticed. In a small number of cases, the very young and very old may be vulnerable to high temperature fever, possibly (and rarely) leading to a seizure in a toddler. These are just some of the illnesses that can be spread by houseflies. Be on your guard. To be safe you may wish to install a fly killer machine (details follow). \\\\\\\\\\\ Article Source: \\\\\\\\\\\ Article Source: expert=Vernon_Stent \\\\\\\\ Clean out: wash any unclean dishes, take out your garbage, and clean your house thoroughly. \\\\\\\\\\ If you have a fly infestation, you need to find the source before you even get out the fly swatter. Flies lay their eggs in animal feces, old food, and stagnant water. Clean out your cat's litter box, wash any unclean dishes, take out your garbage, and clean your house thoroughly. \\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT IS INDIA’S PROBLEM? Answer: Indian corrupt inconsiderate, un-courteous, inhumane legally pocket-mar under the table Babus; constantly drinking tea in air-conditioned rooms on the expense of the public tax money. \\\\\\\\\\\ Jago Jago. Bharat Bhumi ko Azad Karo. Get rid of corrupt Babus and place the honest patriot officials now \\\\\\\\\\ APPEAL TO HONEST GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS: Please whistle-up loud and clear and expose the corrupt Babus now or face the consequences. PATRIOT CITIZEN FORUM is closing in. Your town is next. Stop before we catch you. \\\\\\\\\\\ Bharat Mata Ki Jai. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jai Hind. \\\\\\\ Sincerely your servant of the servant, \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ Please Note: If you have come across any corrupt Indian government officials, please send us his name, address, phone number and his position to Patriot Citizen Forum Watch through e-mail: \\\\\\\\\\ Any documentation and backing will be helpful to put him on public trial. We appreciate your cooperation. Your name will never be revealed and it will be always anonymous. Please let us also know any police corruption as soon as possible by giving name, address, position and location. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Also write to us immediately to set your Patriot Citizen Forum Watch in your village or neighborhood for exposing corrupt officials, elected officials to: \\\\\\\\\ 000000000