Date: 14 Apr 2011


BAISAKHI GREETINGS\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ Baisakhi has great significance for the Hindu nation.\\\\\\\\\\ On this day in 1699 AD, Guru Gobind Singhji gave swords and spirit to FIVE Hindus (see their surnames below) and called them SINGH, to fight the tyrants, the MOHAMMEDAN rulers of the time. He asked for brave volunteers who would fight to save the native Faith (Religion). \\\\\\\\ (Quote) One by one the PANJ PIYARE offered themselves. DAYA RAM, a KHATRI from LAHORE was the first to offer himself. DHARAM DAS, a JAT of DELHI was the next. MUHKAM CHAND, a WASHERMAN of DWARKA was the third. At the number four came SAHIB CHAND, a BARBER of BIDAR. And the fifth was HIMMAT RAI, a WATERCARRIER, from JAGANNATH PURI. (Unquote). \\\\\\\\\\\ What is unique about the Sikhs is that these first KHALSA came from different places like Lahore, Delhi, Dwarka, Bidar and Jagannath Puri. WHAT AN ALL-INDIA FAITH, welded into ONE for the defence of Dharti and Dharma. It is sad that none of the Sarkari schools and universities highlights these facts. Instead, they wish to DIVIDE & RULE while they loot and plunder Bharat. (\\\\\\\\\ Today's tyrants (destroyers of Hinduism) are "DYNASTY & CONGRESS" who have replaced the British and the Moguls of yesteryear. \\\\\\ Only if the Hindu nation could understand what happened in 1699 and what is happening now, the reasons, and the consequences! \\\\\\\\\ Would it not be better for all the HINDUS to take up arms to defend our secular and spiritual values and also recover all the TERRITORIES lost due to cowardice of Gandhi and HIGH TREASON of Nehru? Nations do go through ups and downs. Today is our down, thanks to the pseudo-secular swine, but tomorrow WE WILL MAKE IT UP!\\\\\\\\\\ New Constitution of Bharat (Hindu Rashtra) will be written in AYODHYA after the Grand Temple is completed. It is not an impossible task for our great nation if we remember the story of Baisakhi in 1699 AD. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 14.4.11.\\\\\\ ===== 000000000