Date: 15 Apr 2011


MANY BRITONS ARE ANGRY OVER THEIR PRIME MINISTER GIVING 650 MILLION POUNDS TO PAKISTAN FOR "EDUCATION".\\\\\\\\\ ONE MUST LAUGH AT THE WORD "EDUCATION." WHAT EDUCATION IF THE TALIBAN THERE BLAST A SCHOOL BEFORE THE BUILDING IS COMPLETE, IF THE TALIBAN TAKE CHARGE OF THE STUDENTS AT SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES AND MOTIVATE THEM TO BE SUICIDE BOMBERS?\\\\\\\\\\ WHICH OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH IS GETTING SO MUCH FINANCIAL INCENTIVE FOR EDUCATION FROM THE WEST? WHY NOT NEPAL, INDONESIA OR SRI LANKA?\\\\\\\\\ WHAT EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN IF THE CHILD IS TAUGHT TO READ KORAN WHEN HE STARTS WALKING AS INFANT. BY THE TIME HE OR SHE IS 10, THEY ARE ALREADY CONDITIONED AND BRAINWASHED ENOUGH TO COME AND DO JIHAD AGAINST THE DEMOCRACIES IN THE WEST.\\\\\\ HERE IS A POINT AN ESTEEMED WRITER HAS MADE:\\\\\\\\\ The British PM sanctions 650ml. for eradicating illiteracy in Pakistan, because education enlightens a person and its youth will refrain from the anti-terrorist lures. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The PM forgets that perpetrators of heinious acts like 9/11 and 7/7 were not illitrate persons. WERE THOSE WHO DESTROYED FOUR PLANES IN AMERICA ON 9/11 ILLITERATE? WERE THOSE PAKISTANIS WHO KILLED DOZENS IN LONDON IN JULY 2005 ILLITERATE? \\\\\\\\ Furthermore, Britain ought to have learnt lesson from its so-called multi- cultural approach of handing out funds to buy integration. Even today various Councils sanction monies to encourage inclusiveness amongst Muslim Youth.\\\\\\\\ As long as there is a firm and unshakable commitment to the ideology envisaged in most of the seminaries(Madarsas etc), such efforts will not achieve desired results! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000