Date: 17 Apr 2011


DISMAL FUTURE OF HINDUS & SIKHS IN TALIBAN INFESTED "KAFIR KILLER" PAKISTAN \\\\\\\\\\\ KILLING of Western reporters and the members of humanitarian missions, bombing of churches and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan ought to worry the world. \\\\\ We should never forget that Pakistan was not taken out of India after consulting the PEOPLE by Referendum. \\\\\\\\\\ We can recall only a very small intimidated bunch of native statesmen who were coerced in utmost hurry to sign the agreement to partition India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Muslims and "The Rest" (all lumped together!) were the two parties arguing the case for & against Partition and Akhand Bharat. It is a matter of UTMOST SHAME on our side that the case for Akhand Bharat collapsed INSTANTLY. \\\\\\\\\\\ It is a sad reflection on the quality of Hindu AND SIKH leaders that we have, and had. Absolutely rotten to the core and downright cowards. What a contrast to the likes of Subhash Chandra Bose! Did separatist Jinnah or intolerant Mohammed have a chance to succeed against Netaji? \\\\\\\\\\\ It may be for this reason that Imperial powers eliminated him soon enough after Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore in 1940. Hindu and Sikh leaders have NO such insight into, or comprehension of, politics, ideology and Imperial designs on earth. \\\\\\\\\ Morally and LEGALLY Partition, without population transfer, remains a vulgar Islamic IMPOSITION on the Rest of India. That AGGRESSION was tolerated by a few selfish TRAITORS on our side who were given the last word on the fate of a great country with ancient civilisation and glorious record of non aggression and SECULARISM. \\\\\\\\\\\ Congress has literally OCCUPIED what was left of India, and washed their hands off the minorities that were BETRAYED in Pakistan. Neither the people of India showed patriotism, guts & courage to wipe out Congress Party (of Treason & Surrender) nor the Party itself had any sense of shame or decency to resign en bloc after failting to keep India united. \\\\\\\\\\\ Morally and legally all those Hindus and Sikhs in breakaway rebellious State of Pakistan still remain the primary RESPONSIBILITY of Government of India.\\\\\\\\\ All-India Congress Party under Gandhi and Nehru, while conceding "ISLAM" total sovereignty over five provinces, found the suggestion to put the word "Hindu" in Bharat's Constitution extremely repugnant and loathsome. Had they been committed Hindus they would have been upset over the mutilation of their own Motherland and pained over the ethnic cleansing of the Hindu/Sikh minorities in Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\ For Nehru, in particular, India was like a personal estate and the Hindus EXPENDABLE like insects and vermin. This is true of "Dirty Dynasty" and their CORRUPT Congress Party even today if the Hindus must fear for their lives, daughters and homes in Srinagar and West Bengal. \\\\\ It is, therefore, for the Hindu LEADERS now to raise their voice and ensure that all the Hindus and Sikhs betrayed in 1947 retain the right in perpetuity to migrate to Bharat and be settled by Government. \\\\\\\ If this is not done then those Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan have NO "God father" anywhere on earth and will be WIPED OUT to the last man, woman and child while living under the crude KAFIR KILLER political and ideological system of hate & violence imported from Saudi Arabia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 17 Apr 11. ======= Hindus, Sikhs may face worse times in future: report http://www.samachar.com/Hindus-Sikhs-may-face-worse-times-in-future-report-lepsPOfjfbb.html \\\\\\\\\\Islamabad The previous year was a bad one for Pakistan's minority communities including Muslims of various sects, Sikhs and Hindus due to threat to their lives by militants, according to a new report which suggested even worse times ahead. ============================= http://www.prophetofdoom.net/ 000000000