The predatory WOLF, the timid SHEEP & the brave LIONESS. & BURNING THE QURAN

Date: 18 Apr 2011


BURNING THE QURAN BY ANN BARNHARDT! Learn about the predatory WOLF, the timid SHEEP & the brave LIONESS \\\\\\\\\\\\ Let the terror of Mohammed of Mecca not make us call the Muslims "bhai bhai" (sisters & brothers) any more. The entire record of Islamic conquest and Muslim presence in India is nothing but killing, destruction, terror, abduction, rape and conversion. In the end they PARTITIONED our great Land of Wisdom & Vedas and still stayed back to devour Srinagar and Delhi, too.\\\\\\\\ Every victory over the Hindus encouraged them more and more in their evil ways. That aggression of 1947 has yet to be answered. Hindu nation is still at WAR with temporary cease fire at Wagah. \\\\\\\\\\\ The DEAD of 1947, 1946, and of all the previous CENTURIES, and all the Hindu girls abducted, raped and converted in Hindusthan and those auctioned in the bazaars of Kabul and Kandahar, find NO mention from the lips of the despicable scum called the “Rulers of India”, led by an Italian widow of “BOFORS CHOR”.\\\\\\\\\\ There is NO mention of Partition even in the “Coolies’ Constitution” of Bharat that was once called “Bharatvarsha”. Neither is there a Memorial to the Dead of 1947 nor a HINDU Holocaust Museum. Hitler has gone but NOT Mohammed as yet, due to institutionalized Islam. \\\\\\\\\\ A “disoriented & confused” Mahatma Gandhi went on singing “Ishwar ALLAH tero naam”, calling the Koran a “Holy” Book- a book that calls for his own death as an Infidel. \\\\\\\\\ Please watch this video clip that is unique as well rare, and give it the WIDEST PUBLICITY. \\\\\\\\\ Ann Barnhardt (write her name in golden letters) is a woman no less courageous and patriotic, COMMITTED TO THE DIGNITY & SURVIVAL of her Christian religion, than anyone we know. \\\\\\\\\\\ Her beautiful long unshorn HAIR gives her that spiritual & cosmic energy needed for the heroic deed she performed. \\\\\\\\\\ God has given her the woman’s “shakti” to perform a task that is equal to moving the Himalayas single-handed. She has got her name written in history.\\\\\\\\\ Her country (the USA) boasts of the word "UNITED" in its title and she has already guessed as to who is going to delete it like the word "Akhand" in our own much cherished “Akhand Bharat” that "DIED" for want of heroes and heroines like her.\\\\\\\\\\\ Human comprehension is too limited to grasp the extent and scale of all the atrocities and barbarities committed by the Mohammedans against the peace loving natives, living on the TERRITORY of Sri Krishna,, Sri Rama and Guru Nanak, by the brutes holding the Koran in one hand and the SWORD in the other while BEHEADING Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi and demolishing our grand temples in Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura and Varanasi and countless more places of worship in the centuries before. \\\\\\\\\\\ Watch the once brave SIKHS, now degraded, applying for visa to travel to Sri Nankana Sahib. Their “Yatra” (pilgrimage) also includes the Gurdwara at Panja Sahib and several others in Pakistan that stand deserted and decaying for want of congregations- all WIPED OUT in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Hardly any Hindu is left alive in the ancient city of MULTAN to take care of Bhagat Prahlad Temple there.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Americans KNOW from their Intelligence and OUR history how Islam arrived and increased while freedoms and liberties decreased, and finally died.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If the Americans were to be fools or IDIOTS, not to check the EVIL at the very outset they will eventually see their scholars, priests and intelligentsia beheaded, their infants thrown high up in the air to be impaled on spears and boys as young as seven bricked in alive to death. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Americans dread what Hindusthan has gone through. In the ISLAMIC era even hanging was considered a mild punishment for the Infidels (Hindus). \\\\\\\\\\ To derive full satisfaction they devised manners of murder that were extreme in bestiality and savagery. For example it was common to gouge out the eyes, pour molten iron into mouths, cut up bodies of freedom fighters limb by limb, e.g. Banda Singh Bahadur who was tied up and forced to eat the heart of his four year old son before being dismembered, starting with the knuckles- ALL TO APPEASE ALLAH AND AS PER KORAN.\\\\\\\\\\ By standing up to EVIL right now the Americans are sparing their coming generations the agony of watching churches going up in flames or being razed to ground, the abduction and rape of their girls and forcible conversions under the threat of "ISLAM OR DEATH!".\\\\\\\\\ By standing up to Mohammed NOW they have saved themselves from slavery and degradation like the Hindus in East Bengal and the Sikhs in West Punjab. Future Muslim historians will not call them "DOGS" as the Muslim historians did who referred to the HINDUS as "sugg" (dogs) in their chronicles. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Americans know that if the marauders are not checked in time, the line, “So Help Me GGod” will be deleted from the Presidents’ speeches and the Christians, too, will be emaciated as a nation to pray for the counterpart of Guru Gobind Singh to give them “Amrit” and “FIVE K’s” in order to make them warriors. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Yes, Ann Barnhardt has SAVED the coming generations of proud Americans all that gory experience and the agony of watching women being stoned to death, men having their hands and feet amputated and the women having to tolerate their MEN marrying up to FOUR wives and discarding them like rags by saying the word "divorce" three times.\\\\\\\\\\ What the enslaved Indians have gone through on their own territory during Islamic era beggars belief. The Americans do NOT wish to have the Hindus' PAST as their FUTURE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please WATCH these clips and be brave like the Americans, especially when we all know that our Hindu bashing rulers reward the Muslims and punish the Hindus, driving us towards extinction. \\\\\\\\\\ -------------- BURNING THE QURAN ON YOU TUBE \\\\\\\\ BY ANN BARNHARDT\\\\\\\ Please click on the following links and watch the burning of Quran on You Tube by Ann Barnhardt, a fearless and valiant Colorado resident.\\\\\\\\\ Her arguments are impressive, effective, irrefutable and based on reasoning and logic. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ann Barnhardt has quoted extensively from the Quran to prove that Islam is a "totalitarian political system masquerading as religion." \\\\\\\\\\ Ms. Barnhardt says that she is telling the truth and hence does not care for Islamists or anybody else. In her You Tube address, she has challenged Jihadists by giving her home address. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Her U Tube is a “hit” with the entire mankind. DON’T miss it.\\\\\\\\\\ Burning the Quran on You Tube:\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Complete event of Burning the Quran: All mankind must unite to push ISLAM, KORAN & MOHAMMED back to MECCA where it all began. ------------------------ “AKHAND BHARAT, AMAR RAHE! =================== 000000000