Date: 18 Apr 2011


In a message dated 18/04/2011 14:06:52 GMT Standard Time, XXXXX.com writes:\\\\\\\ Every second Indian is a chord, a scoundrel ( as Churchill called us) and a cheat.Be it your rehri wallah selling chat, even your municipal sweepers, beat box policeman or IG and Secretary in a state.Sub saale ch-or bhare hue hain.Some percentage people are good and they are running this country. \\\\\\\\\ Politicians are scoundrels,criminals and opportunist people moving in gandhi topi and saffron colors.These son of guns are thoroughly rotten and have taken society for granted as Indians are basically selfish ,cowards, sulking, greedy and inward looking.We talk and criticise but refuce to come out.For own self interest we give bribes and try to out compete and outsmart others by bribery and nepotism.\\\\\\\\\ The problem of corruption starts with third rate politician who are elected by bunch of idiots based on caste and religion. \\\\\\ Dont think people in villages are honest and simple.they are not.they are today more corrupt than urbanites.see corruption in NREGA type scheme and patwaris. There are whole communities in villages who specialise in theft and loot. \\\\\\\\\ Chanakya said government cannot be run without discipline and fear ( anushasan aur bhay). Politicians have well established system to suck money.Most of police IGPs are acting like Daud Ibrahim's area bosses collecting hafta and passing on to their political masters.These shamelss people drawing lacs of rupees of salaries per month and facilities act like pimps. \\\\\\\\\\ No wonder no one is taking action against any body. Wrong message is being given by a fraudulent expert,double masked puppet and dishonest person put in PM chair like a ganesh murti till rahul baba gets ready to take over the congress loot and dirty politics of dynastic rules. \\\\\\\\\\ In fact we all indians specially youth should feel ashamed. \\\\\\\ Because no one is taking any action against any babu they have openly started looting, coming to office late, misbehave, misplace files and demand bribes.Even they are now engaged in forgery of papers. It is free for all. \\\\\\\\ People should start 'slap a babu' campaign \\\\\\\\\ And 2 babus every month should be dismissed and put in jail in each district of india starting from Collector and IG office. \\\\\\\\\\\ Rs 500 and 1000 notes should be demonetised and life imprisonment should be penalty for corruption of both giver and taker. \\\\\\\\\\\ Unless strong public agitation starts nothing is going to happen.Keep writing in news papers and shouting.No one cares.Go and srop eating at jantar mantar who cares? \\\\\\\\\\\ Join somke NGOs and create strong people's voice \\\\\\\ www.indiaforce.org \\\\\\\\\\\\ If u r a cat ready to pounce, Anything which comes on your way, Are u a cobra in coil, Panther on haunches,\\\\\\\\ A falcon in the strategic patrolling of the sky, Is there a fire in u to enrich your knowledge? Feel the bliss and power of brain work, Do u wanna share your experience? Do u wanna show a stand on your opinion? Most of all are you an Indian? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is a chance... Join Branded Indian...\\\\\\\\\ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Branded_Indian/join \\\\\\\\\\\ Its a place for people who wanna do something for India. It was 'Vande Mataram' which helped us to keep the spirit & patriotism of everyone in our country during British time and now its internet which can bring people all around the world into an atom shell. To achieve and create something new we want many hands...energetic hands...so the quest starts here. Lets all unite to start a new India. Though we cant change things in one day, we can make a strategy which the next generation can build. 000000000