Date: 21 Apr 2011


To: undisclosed-recipients Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 7:02 PM \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Read below. It is really disturbing what is going on behind the scenes. This needs to be propagated to all national and international media and to every Indian. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ India is entering dangerous phase and eternal vigilance is needed now. When pushed to wall the crooks will take extreme actions. Remember Indira Gandhi and Emergency, but this woman has Emergency without even declaring one. Every activist in India including media's phones are being tapped, they are exercising major control over media and subjugated every institution of the country to serve the interests of this woman, her family and her compatriots as well as those who are enjoying the looted spoils. \\\\\\\\\\ __________________________________________________________ IS INDIA HEADING FOR A DICTATOR RULE? If the sources within the intelligence are believed, it may be true. (IT DEFINITELY, IS THE CASE! -Rajput) \\\\\\\\\\ Very recently, a high level meeting was called at the residence of Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram, which was attended by loyal confidants of Sonia Gandhi which included Digvijay Singh, Ahmed Patel, Jayanth Natarajan, Ambika Soni, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Manish Tiwari , Veerapan Moily etc. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Surprisingly, top officials from IB, NIA, CBI, Cyber Cell, DRI, IT dept and few Media magnets close to congress leaders were also invited for the closed door meeting. \\\\\\\\\\\ One officer, who wished not to be named, made some startling revelations about the outcome of the meeting. The High profile people present at the meeting, discussed about 2G Spectrum scam and other scams that are haunting the government from time to time. A vitriolic Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh, raised the issue of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi being targeted frequently by many sections of the society, terming it "unscrupulous forces". \\\\\\\\\\\ In contrast to this the Home Minister is quoted to have said that he, in his individual capacity, has committed himself to protect the integrity of Gandhi family and directed the officials present there to deal mercilessly with all who target their leaders. \\\\\\\ He instructed the intelligence officials to keep a vigilant track of the e-mails, sms' and other modes of communication exchanged between people in India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ With a strong worded signal to the officials he directed that if any individual/organization (including religious institutions) are involved in speaking/distributing/propagating anything that would hurt the interests of the Gandhi's, Congress to a larger extent, even the minorities, such people should be "fixed" in a case where procuring bail is impossible, something equating with cases of terrorism or depending upon the gravity of the issue, (quoting the example of Sadhvi Praga). \\\\\\\\\\\ Manish Tiwari quickly retorted and reminded the officials about their predecessor who was sacked after UPA came into Power. The sacked official was instrumental in stalling Mrs. Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister of India, who had presented certain confidential documents before the former President of India. Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam \\\\\\\\\\\ Digvijay Singh demanded a really stringent tough law to tackle people who would even dare to speak against Sonia, Rahul or Priyanka, something on the lines of martial law, to which the other leaders did not react. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Subsequently, Jayanthi Natarajan, was satisified with the decision taken at the Home Ministers direction. A few Media barons present at the meeting pledged to extend all help in every manner. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Officer stated that all these officials are helpless and are forced into doing something that they do not like, and they become scapegoats in the eyes of the people and the media due to acts of these beasts. He further stated that a few opposition leaders are also bought by the Congress leaders in order to prevent them from speaking anything against Rahul and Soniaji. \\\\\\\\\\ One name which is popularly doing the rounds is that of Ranjan Bhatacharya who plays the mediator's role between Congress and the BJP leaders. It is entirely up to him to fix the meetings between them at some undisclosed places. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ____________________________________________ I am sure many would agree with me that the above outcome of the meeting clearly signifies the rule of dictatorship. India's future is blank. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Are the Gandhi family above the Law in India? It definitely seems so. We have a weak judiciary (A weak NATION, indeed! -Mandrake) which is scared to prosecute them in even Multi billion dollar corruption scams. \\\\\\\\\ If we do not protest or challenge the same, our Country will turn into another Afghanistan and Libya, with atrocities committed in streets of India by the so called leaders. \\\\\\\\\ Only the Judiciary and the Defence Personnel can save the country from the clutches of these anti national, selfish and greedy politicians of our country.\\\\\\\\\\\ Our simple and gullible people have committed a big mistake by extending our faith in BJP, which in the course of time has proved to be a front line organization of the Congress Party. \\\\\\\\\\ Wikileaks rightly made disclosures about Arun Jaitley who admitted that Hindutva is just a political issue on similar lines as the minorities being the vote bank for Congress. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Think before it is too late and forward this message to all Indians in the interest of a FREE and DEMOCRATIC Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ JAI HIND. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ===================== 000000000