Date: 22 Apr 2011


WHAT IS NEEDED IS REGIME CHANGE. \\\\\\\\\\\ The permanent solution to Hindusthan's political ailments and social invalidity is REGIME CHANGE just as they achieved in Egypt where the autocratic ruler and his sons are now in JAIL facing charges of corruption and illegal orders to fire on demonstrators. The MILITARY there is of the people, by the nation and for the country. They did not merely watch like the de-linked and detached COWARDS, sitting on the fence, but ACTED \\\\\\\\\\ Right now the world is also making sure that there is REGIME CHANGE in Libya, too where the NATO bombers and American drones, carrying missiles, are blasting Col Gaddafi's defences to support PEOPLE'S uprisinhg. The brave FIGHTERS, with faith in victory, did not merely protest by going on "fast unto death" but stood up united, in order to FIGHT. They insist on REGIME CHANGE and have full backing and active support of the Western powers (EU and US) . \\\\\\\\\\ The question arises:\\\\\\\\ "Why is there no popular movement for REGIME CHANGE in our "Broken" Bharat (PARTITIONED India) that has suffered the most under dictatorial corrupt dynastic rule for decades with trillions of rupees taken out of the country and put in foreign banks by the corrupt rulers, and where it is common for the ruling & fooling Dynasty to further humiliate the masses by importing brides from foreign countries who are neither Hindu nor Indian, who have neither brain nor beauty?" \\\\\\\\\\ There are two main reasons: The crushed masses and the cowardly Hindu leaders are a perfect match in South India that reminds us of another perfect match: GRAB & GIVE. The Muslims' uncontrollable avarice to grab LAND & GIRLS is perfectly matched by the Hindus' willingness to surrender both without disgust, protest or fight. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Have we ever heard the call to "Akhand Bharat," or "Gherao" the 'Son of a Mohammed' who seduces and CONVERTS a Hindu girl in Hindusthan,” and, “Gherao the ‘Son of a Bitch’ who imports a Non Hindu FOREIGN wife.”? \\\\\\\\\\\ But we DO hear every day that the Muslims want the rest of Kashmir, too, cleansed of Hindus, and that they will KILL the Hindu boy who does not convert after marrying a Mussalmanee. \\\\\\\\\\\ Given such servile, ignorant and timid masses and lackluster sheepish leaders our Hindusthan is bound to remain a slave colony under the jackboot of DYNASTY, CONGRESS & ISLAM for a very long time. \\\\\\\\\\\ "Delivery" (LIBERATION) will only come when a leader like Shivaji, Netaji, Guru Gobind Singhji or even Napoleon Bonaparte appears in the unfortunate country that has the longest record in slavery & suppression, and the worst leaders on earth who have been unable for centuries to mobilize the masses for REGIME CHANGE.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please contribute to the debate on: "What will happen if the CORRUPT ANTI HINDU SYSTEM, including Bandit Nehru's anti national CONSTITUTION that does not mention "Akhand Bharat", the Hindus, nor the unconditional surrender of five provinces to the enemy, is not wiped out or thrown in the cesspit of history?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 22 April 2011 ============ \\\\\\\\\\\ Very well and cogent case for the EXTERMINATION of "Congress, Dynasty and Islam" from FREE Bharat. \\\\\\\\ =========== 000000000