Date: 23 Apr 2011


FREE THE PRIME MINISTER OF PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) FROM THE CESSPIT OF "DYNASTY, CONGRESS, ITALY & ISLAM". \\\\\\\\\ Most Hindus are blaming PM Manmohan Singh. A patriot wrote: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ "For goodness sake stop calling Man Mohd Singh a good man. He is weak, soft and slavish to the extreme. MMS is the biggest protector of Bharat's no 1 looter, crook and anti-Hindu rascals, robbers and "chors," and so on. \\\\\\\\\\\ The esteemed patriot has a point and we must respect his views. The Prime Minister of "world's largest democracy" is, indeed, a disgrace to his PLACE of birth (surrendered unconditionally to Mohammed of Mecca and never recalled!), to his RELIGION (Sword carrying SIKHS, scattered across the globe!) and to his present country of domicile (Partitioned India!). Thus he is a disgrace to himself THREE times over. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We all had great expectations from the first SIKH prime minister of BROKEN Bharat. That "prize" (chair of PM) came to him NOT through merit or democracy but due to supreme sacrifice of a brave Tamil mother ("devi") who eliminated the "BOFORS CHOR", taking him out of circulation. \\\\\\\\ With Rajiv's assassination the "throne" of Bharat fell vacant. Since a Hindu was OUT OF QUESTION (due to Nehru's Hindu bashing Islamic Ideology) and the Mussalmaan still brings back frightening memories (of horrendous MASSACRES and mass MIGRATION) at Partition, (Pretender to Throne) Sonia's choice fell on the meek and gentle Man Mohan, Candidate of Compromise, who would "tow the line", being "neither here nor there". \\\\\\\\\\ Still he was a Sikh with "SINGH" in his name. So we had some hopes. What hopes? \\\\\\\\\ 1. He will expose DIRTY DYNASTY as power hungry, corrupt and treacherous rulers, and make sure that the word "Congress" would STINK when people are told that it was the Party that agreed to the historic surrenders of 1947 meant to disable & cripple Hindusthan for ever. \\\\\\\\\\\ 2. He will be inspired by his predecessor, "Iron Lady" Mrs. Feroze KHAN (aka Indira Gandhi), who showed NO hesitation in invading East Pakistan and NO qualms in attacking Golden Temple in Amritsar, and so, will abolish Article 370 in Vidhan (Nehru's "punctured" pro Islamic Constitution), and order troops to CAPTURE North Kashmir in order to bring peace to the troubled divided State. \\\\\\\\\\\ 3. He will "rescue" the degraded third rate Chief Minister of EAST Punjab from "Union Territory" (of Chandigarh) and move him to the MIDDLE of his State & among his subjects, e.g., at PATIALA or NABHA. \\\ 4. He will EDUCATE the ignorant Indians about the role of ISLAM in India since 712 AD, when the first invader, Mohammed Bin Qasim of Arabia, invaded Sindh, and abducted the daughters of the local Hindu ruler while asking his soldiers to rape every female they saw, thus showing his culture of the Desert. \\\\\\\\\ 5. He will declare, "Akhand Bharat did not DIE with Mahatma Gandhi but will remain our primary goal till Lahore and Delhi are in ONE country and the "Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwan", is TAUGHT A LESSON for good. \\\\\\\\ 6. He will open the cases of ALL the women and girls abducted by the followers of Mohammed in 1947 and invite those still alive to Bharat to reunite with relatives. \\\\\\\\\\\ 7. He will set up a Commission of Enquiry into the causes of PARTITION that will record the minutest details of the forcible evacuation of each and every Hindu/Sikh family from Pakistan in 1947 and also record the name and address of each and every Hindu and Sikh KILLED, abducted or RAPED. \\\\\\\\\ 8. He will establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in every State capital in Bharat on the lines of the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. \\\\\\\\\\\ 9. He will require every school, college and university to incorporate the Study of Ideology in order to identify the end goals of foreign religions playing their games in Bharat with impunity. \\\\\\\\\ 10. He will give orders to ABOLISH every ISLAMIC (Muslim) school, college, university, institution and (TV and Radio) broadcasting station in Broken Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11. He will declare it ILLEGAL to convert any NATIVE to any religion that originated outside Bharat (e.g., Middle East). The punishment for such a crime will be life imprisonment. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 12. He will establish an Office to study the reasons of American and European UNITY & STRENGTH despite many religions practised there. This Office will also combat the divisive tendencies in Hinduism that damage the defence potential of Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 13. He will eradicate CORRUPTION by ruthless retribution, starting with re-opening of the trial of "Bofors Chor". \\\\\\ 14. He will have a NEW Constitution written up that clearly demonstrates the supremacy of NATIVE "avatars" and religions. Thus anyone converting a Hindu or Sikh is seen as insulting them and degrading native souls. \\\\\\\\ NB: We ought to realise further that Bharat is the very place of birth of all our spiritual guides (Avataras and Gurus), and our native Faiths are under serious threat from the well resourced, organised, funded and motivated foreign maulvis, media, charities and missionaries. \\\\\\\\\\\ 15. He will declare the MUSLIMS "persona non grata" in Partitioned India and offer them free passage to their HOMELAND called Pakistan and Bangladesh. \\\\\\ Those were SOME of our expectations from Manmohan Singh but within days he disappointed us. We cursed him but then recalled a story. \\\\\\\\\\\\ An eagle had chicks and flew far and wide to pick up worms to feed them. One day a hunter laid a net and the eagle got caught in it. The man put it in the cage and went off to the market to sell it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Baby chicks were hungry. They could not see what had happened and started crying. Still no sign of the mother eagle. The chicks grew hungrier and started crying louder, cursing the mother eagle. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ An owl heard them and came down to them. He told them, "It's useless to cry. Don't blame your mother. She loves you but she is captive in a cage." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "What is a cage?" asked the chicks. \\\\\\\\\\\ ----------- \\\\\\\\\\\ The moral of the story is that "Manmohan Singh" is in the cage. The owner of the cage is the Daughter of Pope. \\\\\\\\\\ Captive Singh is being taken for a ride by the owner. From the cage he is watching the scene all round- extermination of Hindus in South Kashmir, abduction and rape of Hindu girls in West Bengal, the bitter memory of his own escape in childhood from the beastly killers, the destruction of temples in East Bengal and the mushrooming of new mosques and churches in EAST Punjab. Our SINGH is as HELPLESS as that eagle in the CAGE. \\\\\\\\\\\ Will the HINDU nation do anything to rescue him? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Will the brave Sikhs use their KIRPANS to KILL his captors? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Will Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal prevail upon Peace TV, the "cell of sedition" in Mumbai, to stop public "beheadings" (conversions) of HINDUS and move to Pakistan? \\\\\\\\\\\ Will the combined might of Hindu nation manage to show the Way to Pakistan to the "Indian" Muslims, or raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, lying desecrated in ruins since 1528 AD? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is useless to expect the Parliament ("Lok Sabha of Eunuchs") to act. They have yet to delete Article 370 in Constitution. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is useless to expect the cowardly "cease-firing" generals of Indian army to act in the national interest. They, too, will go down with Bharat like the generals of Hitler. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Will anyone open the CAGE to let the captive prime minister of Hindusthan OUT? \\\\\\\\\\\ The answer is NO. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Those who cannot admit that LAHORE was in India until the other day, will not mind the Death of DELHI, too. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 23 April 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ PS: There is an answer. It is REGIME CHANGE and a NEW CONSTITUTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======= \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000