Date: 25 Apr 2011

Comment \\\\\\\\\\\ PLEASE PASS IT ON TO people in the FREE world, now going under increasing pressure by Muslim Morons & Zombies to go under the writ of Sharia Law in order to turn the flourishing Western civilisation into the dismal and dark DESERT CIVILISATION that produced Mohammed in Mecca in the 7th. Century AD. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We salute this brave girl to confront the crowd of fanatic Jihadis in a German city. She is calling upon GERMANY to rise and expel these MEN who are coming into Europe in their hundreds of thousands by all means from South, East and Far East. \\\\\\\\\\ It often happens that the WOMEN put men to shame by picking up the "sword" to fight. We would urge ALL to give this story the widest publicity.\\\\\\\\\ May be, it will be possible to locate this girl in order to honour her in public for showing the guts to say what we all think.\\\\\\\\\\\ THE MUSLIMS ARE NOW GAINING A FOOTHOLD IN GERMANY. IT IS POSSIBLE TO THROW THEM OUT OR KEEP THEM UNDER WRAPS. IF ALLOWED TO INCREASE AS IN INDIA, THEN GERMANY CAN LOOK FORWARD TO HER PARTITION ONE DAY AND THE NEXT TIME THERE WILL BE NO UNITY EVER BETWEEN CHRISTIAN GERMANY AND ISLAMIC GERMANY. \\\\\\\\\\\\ WHAT CHANCE NOW OF LAHORE AND DELHI COMING UNDER ONE CONSTITUTION? \\\\\\\ 000000000