Date: 25 Apr 2011


GENETICALLY INFERIOR HINDU RULERS & political PARTIES in HINDUSTHAN DO NOT MENTION PARTITION. \\\\\\\\\\\ Even before the minor massacre of Muslims in Gujarat in 2002, to which the world gaze is fixed, there was the horrendous HOLOCAUST of Hindus and Sikhs in East Bengal, North Kashmir and WEST PUNJAB immediately before and after the MUTILATION of Mr. Gandhi's much cherished and drummed up "Akhand Bharat". \\\\\\\\\\\ At least TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs lost their lives in the most brutal manner and 15 million were forced out of their homes besides tens of thousands of daughters of Hindus and Sikhs were abducted and raped and either killed or converted. \\\\\\\\\\ Which "government" or political party has focused their attention on them? \\\\\\\\\\\ But not a word about it by generations of Indians on WHO was responsible and if anyone was punished and, indeed, if there was any CONDITION imposed on the INDIAN Muslims in exchange for the five provinces given to them, gratis, to rule and misrule. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus and SIKHS seem to be expendable while Muslims are regarded "ALLAH'S WHISKERS" even in Partitoned India. What a reflection on the HINDU nation and its bogus Constitution that is as indecent and unacceptable as India's post partition borders. \\\\\\\\\\\ History does not begin from August 15, 1947 when Bandit NEHRU took over the rump of India calling it "INDIA", in order to THROW DUST IN EVERYBODY'S EYES. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ No wonder everybody from top to bottom has remained BLIND to those massacres of Hindus & Sikhs. NEITHER A MENTION NOR A MEMORIAL! 000000000