Date: 26 Apr 2011


VIEW 1: \\\\\\\\\\ A terrible curse on humanity. Non-Muslims are regarded as prey. Mass murderer and huge slave trader, Mohammad, is the role model. Please G-D, deliver the world from such great evil. ==================== VIEW 2.\\\\\\\\\\ In ISLAM women are treated as commodity or very INFERIOR.\\\\\\\ A man can have up to FOUR wives at a time and beat or mistreat them at his will.\\\\\\ .If a Muslim woman is seen talking to a stranger she invites DEATH by her own father and brothers. A Muslim male marrying a non Muslim girl NEVER embraces the Faith of the bride but IMPOSES his own crude and primitive dry & barren ISLAM on her.\\\\\\\\\\\ A Muslim female marrying a Non Muslim invites DEATH if she cannot persuade the groom to embrace Islam.\\\\\\\\\\\\ There are beastly punishments prescribed for women such as being put in a freshly dug hole in the ground and then STONED to death. All those who throw stones at the poor girl, crying in extreme agony, take great pleasure in inflicting MORE PAIN on the immobilised girl, and are seen laughing. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ A man can divorce by merely saying the word three times and it is official.\\\\\\\\\ Two women are equal to one man while giving evidence before a Court. A woman can prove the allegation of rape only if she can produce FOUR MALE witnesses to the act. Otherwise it is SHE who is accused and then punished in barbaric manner.\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims find it impossible to live in NON Muslim countries and make life HELL for the host communities, ESPECIALLY TARGETING THEIR GIRS, but they do not tolerate non Muslims in their own Islamic republics.\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims FLEEING ISLAMIC Libya and Tunisia want to come to DEMOCRATIC Christian Europe but do not head for any ISLAMIC republic.\\\\\\\\\\ Yet when they are allowed in, they start planning the overthrow of the host nation. \\\\\\\\\ In Britain those who came as asylum seekers, begging to be let in, became TERRORISTS and now want to 'Islamise" Britain.\\\\\\\\\\ KORAN is the "Book of FRANKENSTEIN" (DEVIL IN HUMAN FORM) that puts hostility, intolerance and bestiality in the head of its followers.\\\\\\\\\ Islam succeeds only where the leaders are either COWARDS or TRAITORS.\\\\\\\ Islam succeeds only where the leaders are FOOLS OR POLITICAL CORRECT ASSES.\\\\\\ Islam succeeds only where the EVERYBODY IS A MORON. \\\\\\\\\\\\ April 27, 2011. ============== 000000000