Date: 26 Apr 2011

Comment \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Baba Ramdev starting Maha Sangram against Black Money and Corruption -- GET READY \\\\\\\\\\\\ Please participate in the programs of Yogarushi P.P. Rāmdevbābā who is Bhārat's hope. \\\\\\\\\ Yogarushi P.P. Rāmdevbabā is the hope for all nation lovers who are looking forward to a strong Bharat. He has started the agitation against the traitors through the medium of organisation 'Bhārat Swābhimān Andolan' He has started full-fledged efforts to bring back the black money kept in foreign banks by politicians, higher level officers in the administrative services and businessmen. As a part of this, along with 1 lakh nation lovers on the Ramlila ground in New Delhi in February 2011, he had warned that there would be an aggressive agitation, if central government fails to take strong actions against corruption. Till now, many were expressing their opinions against corruption and black money, but nobody has suggested any solution for this. Yogarushi P.P. Rāmdevbābā has suggested practical solutions for both. He is fighting dispassionately for creating a strong Bharat. Every Nation and Righteousness loving citizen wishes that his aim turns into reality. Hence wherever there is a program related to Nation and Righteousness, citizens from that place should participate in the program; they should not wait for an invitation.\\\\\\\\\\ So please watch this and pass it on to other citizens of Bharat.\\\\\\\\\\ ====================\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000