Date: 27 Apr 2011


THIS IS ESPECIALLY RELEVANT TO THE CRUSHED AND COWARDLY HINDU LEADERS IN PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BHARAT) WHO HAVE DECIDED NEVER TO MENTION OR COMMEMORATE THE TWO MILLION DEAD OF 1947 IN ORDER NOT TO OFFEND THE MURDERERS AND KILLERS, THE MOHAMMEDANS.\\\\\\\\\ -------------- \\\\\\\\\\\ An Easter Sunday Celebration of Genocide \\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYCaydMwcaE \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Denying genocide is wrong. \\\\\\\\\\\ Celebrating it is sick. \\\\\\\\\\\ And, as you can see for yourself, that's exactly what we are up against. \\\\\\\\ These allies of Ankara gathered on April 24th outside the Turkish Embassy to sing, and dance and taunt the Armenian families gathered on this sacred day to silently honor the memories of those lost to this terrible crime. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Their every cheer rejoiced in our suffering. Mocked our pain. \\\\\\\\\ I saw them with my own eyes. And I watched, afterwards, as they were warmly welcomed into the Turkish Embassy. \\\\\\\\\\ Help us stand up against this insult to our martyrs. \\\\\\\\\\ shocking 1-minute video of police pulling over denial demonstrators bringing a baseball bat to this protest. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What's the Bat for? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1eBdwugDXkQ \\\\\\\\\\\ Please take a minute right now to send in your secure on-line donation to the ANCA. \\\\\\\\ Any amount you send, $10, $25, $50, $100 or more will empower us to confront Turkey's hateful demonization of Armenians. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Aram Hamparian Executive Director \\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.armenian-genocide.org/genocidefaq.html \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is estimated that one and a half million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1923. \\\\\\\\\\ The Armenian Genocide was centrally planned and administered by the Turkish government against the entire Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire. It was carried out during W.W.I between the years 1915 and 1918. The Armenian people were subjected to deportation, expropriation, abduction, torture, massacre, and starvation. The great bulk of the Armenian population was forcibly removed from Armenia and Anatolia to Syria, where the vast majority was sent into the desert to die of thirst and hunger. Large numbers of Armenians were methodically massacred throughout the Ottoman Empire. Women and children were abducted and horribly abused. The entire wealth of the Armenian people was expropriated. After only a little more than a year of calm at the end of W.W.I, the atrocities were renewed between 1920 and 1923, and the remaining Armenians were subjected to further massacres and expulsions. In 1915, thirty-three years before UN Genocide Convention was adopted, the Armenian Genocide was condemned by the international community as a crime against humanity. \\\\\\\\\\ http://www.armenian-genocide.org/genocidefaq.html \\\\\\\\ http://www.gendercide.org/case_armenia.html \\\\\\\\\\\ Government agents went ahead on the road, notifying the Kurds that the caravan was approaching and ordering them to do their congenial duty. Not only did the Kurdish tribesmen pour down from the mountains upon this starved and weakened regiment, but the Kurdish women came with butcher's knives in order that they might gain that merit in Allah's eyes that comes from killing a Christian. \\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.gendercide.org/case_armenia.html \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000