Date: 28 Apr 2011


Editor\\\\\\\\\\ The Daily Telegraph London.\\\\\\\ Sir,\\\\\\\ Tens of thousands of refugees from North Africa are now heading towards EUrope. \\\\\\\\\\ They are all MUSLIM and will hardly integrate with the Christian societies in the West. There will be friction, clashes, "ghettoisation", street demonstrations and protests over new mosques and great animosity generated over Burka, Halal and latent threats of Terrorism. \\\\\\\\\\ How would similar number of Christians or Hindus be treated if they entered any Islamic Republic for refuge or asylum?\\\\\\\\\ Is it not well known that the Muslims have declared their goal to Islamise Europe and the rest of the world, too? \\\\\\\\\\ One wonders as to why these fleeing MUSLIMS do not head for any ISLAMIC counry. There are 52 of them on earth where non Muslim are extinct or an endangered specie in fear for their lives. \\\\\\\\\\ Where is the statesmanship, patriotism, farsightedness and wisdom of the Western leaders if they cannot manage to divert this mass human traffic to ISLAMIC countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh where these people will feel at home? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan alone can absorb 15 million of them since this is the number of Non Muslims expelled forcibly from their homes in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 27 Apr 11. ==============\\\\\ 000000000