Date: 28 Apr 2011


THE ROYAL WEDDING TODAY (APRIL 29, 2011). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ All eyes are on the marriage of Prince William and Kate (Catherine) Middleton in London today. TWO BILLION people round the globe are expected to watch the colourful and spectacular ceremony in Westminster Abbey. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There will be great pomp and show. Hundreds of people have taken places on pavements along the route to wait patiently for a few seconds of seeing the newly wed pair come out of the Abbey and take the ride to Buckingham Palace. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Street parties are taking place and whole streets are decorated across the country with music, flags and buntings. It is claimed to be the MOST WATCHED wedding of history! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now let us look at the sub continent of HINDUSTHAN, also known as Bharat and India. How “public” are the marriages in their TOP RULING DYNASTY?\\\\\\\\\\ Does anyone have the photograph of INDIRA “Gandhi” emerging out of a mosque with FEROZSE KHAN after their wedding according to ISLAMIC rites when she swore loyalty to Mohammed of Mecca above Sri Rama of Ayodhya? Can anyone recall the "Sarkari“ Pandit” who blessed them before cameras after receiving a big sum of money for the CHARADE.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Who witnessed the marriage of RAJIV Gandhi with the impoverished au pair from Italy? Is there any photo of their stepping out of the Cathedral in Italy? Can an eye witness recall the despicable "Sarkari“ Pandit” who blessed them before the cameras after receiving a big sum of money for the CHARADE. \\\\\\\\\ Next in line is the future prime minister designate, RAHUL “GANDHI”. He is rumored to be engaged to a Venezuelan CATHOLIC beauty who is waiting eagerly to take the plane to land in NEW DELHI once the new Prince of Dynasty sits in the Prime Minister’s chair in New Delhi. Thereafter she will receive the General Salute from the Indian Armed Forces Guard of Honour. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They are both Catholic and we never heard them say a good word about the HINDU religion though they hope to live the lives of great wealth and comfort in Hindusthan. Do we know which Church or Cathedral will be the place of THEIR marriage, vows, whether in Venezuela or in Broken Bharat? Never mind the despicable “Pandit” who will bless them before the cameras after receiving a sum of money for the CHARADE.\\\\\\\\\\ WAKE UP HINDU NATION. RID YOURSELVES OF THE IMPOSTERS WHO HAVE ONLY CONTEMPT FOR YOUR RELIGION, PEOPLE & CULTURE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India went effortlessly from slavery under British Boots to slavery under DYNASTY & CONGRESS and thus still living in CHARADE since August 1947. The CHARADE will end only when either PAKISTAN is dissolved or India declares herself "HINDU RASHTRA". \\\\\\\\\\\\ There are the "sarkari sheep" who DON'T mind the alien Flag of Mohammed flying over Lahore but their rear seems to "catch fire" on hearing the words "Hindu Rashtra" in Partitioned India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only in Hindu Rashtra will we see weddings in top families celebrated in public like the Royal wedding in London today. 000000000