Date: 29 Apr 2011


THE ROYAL WEDDING (APRIL 29, 2011). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ All eyes are on the marriage of Prince William and Kate (Catherine) Middleton in London today. TWO BILLION people round the globe are expected to watch the colourful and spectacular ceremony in the world famous Westminster Abbey. \\\\\\\\\\\\ There will be great pomp and show. Hundreds of people have taken their places on pavements along the route to wait patiently for a few seconds of seeing the newly wed pair come out of the Abbey and take the ride to Buckingham Palace, the Queen's Residence. \\\\\\ London today is the sea of red, blue and white, with Union Jacks flying from houses, shops, supermarkets, office buildings, lamp posts, trees and in people’s hands, on hats, umbrellas, motorcycles. taxis and cars.\\\\\\\\\ Street parties are taking place and whole streets are decorated across the country with music, jolly crowds in party mood, flags and buntings. It is claimed to be the MOST WATCHED wedding of history! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The world media are gathered to cover the event and reporters and journalists are interviewing people from all parts of the world who have come to be part of history and of the lives of this lucky couple. After marriage the couple, will appear in the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave at the huge crowds gathered below in front of the Palace for their first kiss in public. That romantic moment will be seen in every newspaper across the globe tomorrow. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now let us look at the sub continent of HINDUSTHAN, also known as Bharat and India, that got reduced by five provinces in 1947 when the frontier came down from Khyber to nondescript Wagah. How “public” are the marriages in the TOP RULING DYNASTY who have ruled and misruled the historic & spiritual Land of Hindus, Bharat, and squeezed her through crippling corruption since 1947 compelling citizens to undertake "fast unto DEATH" in order to "move the conscience" of the corrupt rulers? (People are unable to recall the FUTILITY of "fasting" by "Father of Nation", Gandhi, who hoped to "move" the conscience of "Father of Pakistan", Mohammed Ali Jinnah! \\\\\\\\\\ Does anyone have the photograph of INDIRA “Gandhi” emerging out of the mosque with FEROZSE KHAN after their wedding according to ISLAMIC rites when she swore loyalty to Mohammed of Mecca above Sri Rama of Ayodhya & Guru Ram Das of Lahore? ( \\\\\\\\\\\ Can anyone recall the low down unscrupulous "Sarkari“ Pandit” who blessed them before cameras after receiving a big sum of money for the CHARADE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Having the power to crush the Pakistani armed forces in East Pakistan (EAST Bengal) and create Bangladesh, she could also have liberated North Kashmir and enforced the condition of “population transfer” in that hour of total victory over the enemy, in order to make her father’s treacherous agreement to surrender India (Partition) look decent. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Who witnessed the marriage of RAJIV Gandhi with the impoverished au pair from Italy? Is there any photo of their stepping out of the Cathedral in Italy, avoiding the cameras? Can any eye-witness recall the despicable "Sarkari“ Pandit” who blessed them before the media after receiving a big sum of money for the CHARADE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Rajiv KHAN (aka Gandhi), the “tilak flaunting” Prince of Dynasty, did create the false image of being a Hindu but neither ensured the safety of the Tamils in Sri Lanka with their roots in Tamil Nadu, nor of the betrayed Hindus in South Kashmir who were forced to flee their land of birth due to ISLAMIC terror. He did turn his venomous attention to the SIKHS with their glorious patriotic past as the “Defenders of Faith” and the “Defenders of Hindusthan”, watching them massacred everywhere, comparing them to the “leaves of a fallen tree”! \\\\\\\\\\ Instead of deceiving the gullible, timid & ignorant HINDU nation by his big “tilak” he could have liberated Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in AYODHYA and thus given some joy to the grieving Hindus in their own country who called him “Mr. CLEAN”, ignoring his notorious BOFORS commissions. \\\\\\\\\\ Next in line is the future autocratic “Emperor of Hindusthan” and prime minister designate, RAHUL “GANDHI”. \\\\\\\\\\ He is said to be engaged to a Venezuelan CATHOLIC beauty who is waiting eagerly to take the plane to land in NEW DELHI once the new Heir to Bandit Nehru Dynasty sits in the Prime Minister’s chair. \\\\\\\\\\ Thereafter, the new bride of Dynasty will receive the General Salute from the Indian Armed Forces who could not defend LAHORE in its hour of peril nor liberate North Kashmir since! \\\\\\\\\ Rahul and his future bride are both Catholic and we never heard them say a good word about the HINDU religion though they hope to live like “fat cats” the lives of great wealth, splendour & comfort at the cost of the tax payer in Hindusthan. Do we know which Church or Cathedral will be the venue of THEIR marriage vows, whether in Venezuela or in Broken Bharat? \\\\\\\\ Never mind the despicable Hindu Priest or the “Pandit” who will bless them before the cameras after receiving a sum of money for the CHARADE. \\\\\\\\\ WAKE UP HINDU NATION. RID YOURSELVES OF THE IMPOSTERS WHO HAVE ONLY CONTEMPT FOR YOUR RELIGION, PEOPLE, CHILDREN & CULTURE. \\\\\\\\\\ Ancient India, the Land of Vedas and Granth, went effortlessly from slavery under British Boots to slavery under DYNASTY & CONGRESS and is still living in CHARADE. The CHARADE will end only when either “AKHAND BHARAT” re-emerges or India declares herself "HINDU RASHTRA". \\\\\\\\\\\ There are hundreds of millions of "sheep & jackals" in human form in Bharat who DON'T mind the alien Flag of Mohammed flying over Lahore but their rear seems to "catch fire" on hearing the words "Hindu Rashtra" for Partitioned India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Only in HINDU RASHTRA will we see the Hindus return to SRINAGAR to live in peace and security there (IN VAIN have they waited for the useless Supreme Commander to take her "Bhawan & B*m" there to ensure the safety of Hindus). And only in HINDU RASHTRA will we see weddings in top families in the country celebrated in public like the Royal wedding in London today. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ April 29, 2011. 000000000