Date: 29 Apr 2011


INDIA IS IN A MESS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The only sufferers are the HINDUS who happen to be the majority community that has entrusted their POLITICS to foreigners and enemies.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The main beneficiaries are the Muslims who have captured FIVE provinces in ONE strike and through infiltration and rapid reproduction hope to capture Delhi, too, in the near future, and the Christians who have resources and scholarship to go on converting the natives at the present rate till the Hindus become extinct as in South America and Middle East. \\\\\\\\\\ It is therefore apt to assume that CORRUPTION, HINDU BASHING and DYNASTIC "Democracy" are DELIBERATE state policies under one IDEOLOGY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ CORRUPION is not an isolated recent phenomenon or aberration. CORRUPTION and PARTITION are linked like CAUSE and EFFECT. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hence the word "Partition" is DELETED from the Constitution and from the public memory, too. Under this Ideology there can never be a "Hindu Holocaust Museum" to remind the Hindus of their DEAD in order to safeguard their future, nor is it possible to insist on "AKHAND BHARAT", once a sacred Ideal worth FIGHTING FOR, but now an impossible idea that belongs to the past. In reality it is to make the cowards breathe easily and stay under the present regime, decade after decade, century after century, embracing the ENEMIES (of Akhand Bharat) and any other foreigner. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Corruption is obvious to all because it is visible and PAINFUL like the bite of a scorpion, and widespread. Hence it is easy to gather masses on ANTI CORRUPTION front. \\\\\\\\\\\\ But Partition has become an ABSTRACT word, a FAR REMOVED experience, limited to a few provinces, and only those that vanished completely like Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP as well as those that were partitioned by "Sword of Mohammed" like Bengal, Punjab, Kashmir and Assam (that had to surrender the District of Sylhet). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Although it is the BIGGER of the two evils and the "Mother" of CORRUPTION, we come across the following difficulties in mobilizing the masses against it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Those who were forced to flee their homes are now scattered across the world. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 2.. Those Indians who live in the undivided states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bihar, UP, Kerala and Karnataka and so on, were not affected by Partition and do not bother. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. Since the concept of PATRIOTISM in India is near zero, the masses are not bothered whether Lahore is IN or OUT of India.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Due to centuries of slavery the Hindus have got DE-LINKED from TERRITORY and FELLOW HINDUS. In the past we saw frontiers shift, temples destroyed, girls abducted & raped, even auctioned in Kabul and Kandahar, and millions massacred while the rulers were foreigners and non Hindu. \\\\\\\\\\\ The rulers did nothing to weld the nation into a strong unit like the British or the Americans today.\\\\\\\\\\\ 4. Those who committed the capital crime of agreeing to surrender of territory WITHOUT INSISTING ON TRANSFER OF POPULATION or REFERENDUM, are, in fact, the rulers even today. It is no wonder that the cry for the TRIAL OF NEHRU, GANDHI AND JINNAH for their High Treason falls on deaf ears. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We all know the criminals but there has been NO voice raised yet to see them punished. The excuse that "those affected or killed are not alive today," is INVALID. If the VICTIMS of Partition are not here now then what our treacherous LEADERS did still impacts adversely on the nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The second tragedy, even WORSE than CORRUPTION is the CONSTITUTION. It assumes that MIDDLE INDIA is the real INDIA. Nehru's "bogus" Constitution does not apply to Eastern Wing (Bangladesh) and Western Wing (Pakistan). Hence it is not only dangerous but a trap for the Hindus in Middle India since it also declares the ENEMY to be a FRIEND. ("Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!") \\\\\\\\\\\\\ There is need to speak out for AKHAND BHARAT once again. Nations do not dump their Ideals or PERMANENT Interests if the leaders are traitors or accomplices of the enemy. Countries do not SHRNK without a post mortem on causes and factors. This vital historic task still remains UNDONE and UNTACKLED in "Broken" Bharat that is waiting for a stalwart like Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to take it up vigorously. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ To perpetuate his personal rule Nehru got an extremely bad Constitution written up by his stooges and then became the Guardian and Custodian of it. Hindus are excluded from its protective provisions as Sindh and East Bengal were. No wonder there is corruption AS PER "WILL OF RULERS" and the Hindus from SRINAGAR are still refugees "AS PER THE WILL OF RULERS" and the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Sikhs in East Punjab were killed "AS PER THE WILL OF RULERS". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ No wonder the rulers merely watched Indian settlements and interests blown away in Uganda and Fiji and did NOTHING "AS PER THE WILL OF RULERS". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Having identified the "WILL OF THE RULERS", i.e., finish off the Hindus by IMPOSING SECULARISM on them and by encouraging the MUSLIMS to infiltrate from East and West and letting them increase in numbers, not recovering North Kashmir and not trying the corrupt including the BOFORS CHOR, the conclusion must be to aim for REGIME CHANGE, SYSTEM CHYANGE and the CHANGE OF CONSTITUTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Who will bell the cat," is only acceptable if we presume HINDU UNITY to remain a myth for ever, if we accept that Sri Ram Temple will remain a RUIN for ever, and if we accept that the Kashmiri Hindus will NEVER regain their property and homes in the Valley. Such a scenario and smashed mentality will be the direct cause of India reverting back to the hated MOGUL Era again. 000000000