Date: 30 Apr 2011


ARE THE ALARM BELLS RINGING FOR THE "DEAD"? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please see the results of Nehru's "Vidhan" that ties the Hindu's hands behind his back while giving free run to Muslims (e.g., Deoband ISLAMIC University, conversion of Hindu spouses to Islam, and Dr Zakir Naik of "Peace TV" who converts the Hindus in broad daylight, mentioning the non interfering "secular" Vidhan!) and, of course, the Christians (below). \\\\\\\\ A Hindu may love his religion more than his life but when it comes to lifting his little finger to DEFEND his Faith, daughters and TERRITORY he falls flat on earth semi-conscious. \\\\\\\\\\\ What is urgently needed is the "cement" to join the dry bricks stacked side by side. So, let us produce this "CEMENT" for the dry Hindu bricks, or the "GLUE" to join the Hindu souls firmly to each other in order to make ours a NATION like the Americans and the British! \\\\\\\\\\\ Thus one billion of us think and act like the isolated and de-linked ONE. It was for this reason ALONE that the Muslim MINORITYcould inflict a crushing defeat on Gandhi's AKHAND BHARAT and saw us surrender one third of Bharat to the home grown indigenous "devils". Gandh and Nehru did not lift a finger to prevent the brutal ETHNIC CLEANSNG that resulted from that national collapse. \\\\\\\\\\ The word "retaliation" is missing from our vocabulary though our dictioinary is full of words like "Renounce, Run, Appease, Surrender, "tyaag", "maaya", "ahimsa" and "Bhai Bhai". Are we being brainwashed to extinction in South Asia? Do we see a happy Hindu anywhere from Karachi to Gilgit in the West, and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East? \\\\\\\\ On top of this is the deliberately induced POVERTY through State level CORRUPTION, COMMISSIONS, LAWLESSNESS, PLUNDER & TAXATION that are hitting the average HIndu family hard, making the nation dependent on "Sarkari" (Sonia's) nod like the pet dog. \\\\\\\\\\ So we have neither money nor the likes of well funded, resourced, organised and HIGHLY MOTIVATED Christian missionaries and Muslim mullahs that go on converting the Hindus day and night, thus reducing the native stock rapidly. Who will be left in the end to defend our heritage, scriptures, places of worship, homes and families? \\\\\\\\ Our leaders have three pronged challenges to surmount: \\\\\\\\ 1. COUNTER the conversion threats from Christians and Muslims who are replacing our own native divine "Sons and Daughters" of God and our Holy Scriptures. In each and every "converted" and degraded household the first things to vanish are Gita, Granth and pictures of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singhji. They are REPLACED by those BORN in distant foreign lands. \\\\\\\\\\\ 2. CONSTITUTION of "Bandit" Nehru that intimidates a Hindu and renders him helpless against what is going on around him. The Constitution does not mention the INDIANS of East Bengal, North Kashmir and West Punjab but it does approve of "Minorities Commission", Hajj subsidies and Article 370 that is meant to confer SEPARATE political status on the Kashmiris while tolerating the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in North AND South Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\ 3. DYNASTY. At the very moment of so-called Independence our Bharat emerged MINUS five provinces but PLUS the Bandit and his DYNASTY to ruler over "Broken" Bharat perpetually. \\\\\\\\\\ This Dynasty has replaced Democracy and since the (Nehru) Dynasty is sworn ENEMY of Hindus, they must lean heavily on the FOREIGN elements and "fifth columns" like the Muslims (hooked to Mecca) and the Christians (linked to Jerusalem) who have little attachment to our TERRITORY and RELIGION. \\\\\\\\\\ We should not forget that Partition was due to Alliance of, and Collaboration between, the Muslims and the Christians AGAINST the Hindus. Had the British been "secular and democratic", and had the Muslims been patrotic, there was NO question of Mutilation (Partiton) of India in 1947. \\\\\\\\ This is a dangerous political system and scenario. What is needed is to "DUMP" this anti national Cosntitution that allows Corrupton to flourish and gives a big say in our internal affairs to an ITALIAN born "MAFIA" Lady, gathering immense wealth like the queen bee in the hive, OUST the corrupt Dynasty and BAN conversions from the NATIVE to the FOEIGN religions. \\\\\\\\\\\ We must not allow ourselves to be squeezed and suffocated by the Mullahs and Missionaries and ultimately perish like the Hindus in Pakistan, Buddhists in Afghanistan, SIKHS in WEST Punjab, and the Christians in Northern Cyprus. Can we name a single counry where the "MUSLIMS have PERISHED"? SHAME on our collective Wisdom & Vision! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus, please move your little finger for your own survival by defending DHARMA & DHARTI in (what is left of) Bharat. Rest will follow in a positive manner. \\\\\\\\\\ 30 Apr 11.\\\\\\ ======= 000000000