Date: 30 Apr 2011


In a message dated 30/04/2011XXXXXXXXXXXX.com writes:\\\\\\\ It seems to me all the Indians especially the majority Hindu community have become drug addicts or alcoholics and have lost all their senses for relying on their Rascal Leaders who are selling India for personal benefits to the foreigners. \\\\\\\\\\ Sonia Gandhi is performing the Kriya Karam (FUNERAL) of India since 1991 in broad day light and no one is daring to stop her. In fact during Hindu Party Rule lead by AB Bajpai she got the status of Rajmata. She represents KGB, M6, MOSSAD, CIA, MAFIA & VATICAN. Sonia & her team of foreigners are hell bent to destroy INDIA morally, ethically, financially and militarily with the help of Hindu majority community Leaders. Since she has become Defecto PM of India in 1991 what India has seen; more communal clashes and more corruption. In 1992 Indians saw the demolition of disputed structure of Babri Masjid & Ram Janam Bhumi planned by MOSSAD and surprisingly few coward Hindu organization Leaders took credit for that! Since then there is no peace between the Hindus and Indian Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia neutralized the brain dead coward Leadership of Hindu organizations by providing them the laps of Zionist/Israelis in 1991 since then they are sitting in their laps with their foot in their mouth and playing with their curls. They donít want to know that Zionist are not anti-Muslims they are only anti-Palestinians because they want their land. In USA, Europe & Middle East Zionist are doing business with Muslim dictators as well as China a hostile neighbor of India. It is the Zionist who made China a powerful country militarily and financially the move was initiated by a Zionist Henry Kissinger. It is a known fact that for last 4 decades Zionist have been supplying most modern military & satellite technology to China after stealing it from America which is their another colony after Palestine. These same Zionist are supplying India obsolete military Hardware no technology to India at a highly inflated prices by bribing Congress, its allies, BJP & Anil Ambaniís Samajwadi Party. \\\\\\\\\\ History is repeating itself; a handful of Muslims from Middle East ruled INDIA for 2,000 years & a handful of Christians lead by Zionist controlled East India Company ruled India for 200 years and since 1991 less than a handful foreigners with Zionist in the Lead are ruling India thru Sonia Gandhi with the help of Majority Hindu community Leaders. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SHAME ON HINDU LEADERS world wide. I am also a Hindu living in Zionist controlled United States of Israel and I am ashamed of our coward Hindu Leadership loyal to foreigners especially to Zionist. \\\\\\000000000