Date: 02 May 2011


NOT A SINGLE PENNY OF BRITISH TAXPAYERS MONEY SHOULD GO TO TERRORIST EPICENTRE AND EXPORTER PAKISTAN \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is now abundantly clear, that, the world's most rogue state, the epicentre and biggest exporter of world terrorism and its equally rogue intelligence service ISI have been protecting and keeping evil Bin Laden in 5 Star luxury in Abbotabad, which is 30 miles north of Pakistani capital and close to a Pak garrison. I am flabbergasted, that, just a few weeks ago the PM announced another 650 millions freebies to this rogue country, when we have now 2.5 million people unemployed and economy in direstraits and the nation is in nearly 1 trillions in debt. \\\\\\\\\ The creation of Pakistan was the conspiracy of British, power-hungry Nehru's desperation to be the first PM, and the most evil Jinnah, who cut his own motherland(sadly Muslims don't accept the word motherland) causing 2 millions killings mostly Hindus and Sikhs and 30 millions displaced persons apart from the facts even the almighty lost counts how many women were raped by Muhammad's followers and how many children were made orphans. And look what a country they created nothing but world's constant trouble and receiving massive aids but A NUCLEAR POWER WITH AID MONEY. \\\\\\\\\\ I have said for the last 30 years AL ALONG that, you can never solve Islamic terrorism either in Afghanistan, India, UK or anywhere until you deal hard and without appeasements and political correctness with Pakistan. I have all along proved right and latest Bin Laden case is a shining example of that. \\\\\\\\\\ Now is the time for the UK and the world the need to get united and deal hard with rogue states like Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc and at the same time stopping fast Islamanization of UK hard and fast to save the entire world from Islamic fanatics, killers and terrorists. \\\\\\\\ 000000000