Date: 02 May 2011


INDIA NEEDS TO DEAL WITH THE TERRORISTS LIKE THE UNITED STATES \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Truly speaking the Hindus should not accept the views, not even the presence of Muslims who got their separate homeland in 1947 claiming to be a separate nation. In 1947 Gandhi's India suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of her indigenous Muslims. What does it tell us about the INDIAN Muslims?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If that was an ATTACK as a result of which we lost one third of India then it had to be repulsed. The price of not doing so is to INVITE another attack. \\\\\\\\\\\ When Mohammed Bin Qasim invaded Sindh in 712 AD we did not respond. So the DEVILS came again and occupied Multan. We ought to have repulsed them and launched an attack on MECCA. \\\\\\\\\\\ We failed to do so and waited for the next invasion and surely they did come again to capture LAHORE. Should we not have thrown them back to from where the "BASTARDS" came? We did not. \\\\\\\\\\\ So they came again and occupied Delhi in 1192 AD. Hindu King Prithvi Raj had forgiven the beastly invader who came AGAIN to behead the Kafir. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Due to a foolish chicken hearted leader, who was NO DIFFERENT from those we have in Bharat TODAY, India COLLAPSED and REMAINED collapsed for the next thousand years. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (Wikipedia: Prithviraj Chauhan defeated the Muslim ruler Shahabuddin Muhammad Ghori in the First Battle of Tarain in 1191. Ghauri attacked for a second time the next year, and Prithviraj was defeated and captured at the Second Battle of Tarain (1192). Sultan Ghauri took Prithviraj to Ghazni, where he was executed. After his defeat Delhi came under the control of Muslim rulers.) \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslims got used to the idea of murdering the Hindus and capturing their TERRITORY and abducting and raping their daughters a fascinating idea. So they struck again, and again, and again. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally they did the SAME thing in 1947. This time they captured FIVE provinces and did a thorough ethnic cleansing of the Hindus. They were COCKSURE that the Hindus would not expel the treacherous Muslims, lock, stock and Koran. They proved right. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ So the ball is now again in the chicken hearted HINDU court but the Hindus have been ENSLAVED by Dynasty and Congress and conditioned to accept defeat and degradation with a smile. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus now the Hindus have TWO FOLD challenge in order to RESPOND TO THAT ATTACK. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ First to EXPEL all the Muslims and secondly to recapture Pakistan. The ball is in the Hindus's court who escaped by signing the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Dhaka and Chittagong, later even North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What will happen if the Hindus do not COUNTER ATTACK? We should be cocksure about the answer. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We all know, though not the Lady supreme commander of Partitioned India, that the best form of DEFENCE is OFFENCE. The Lady is in that chair not because she knows the art of warfare or the principles of war but because "Rashtramata" SONIA MAINO would not like to see a MAN in that chair. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Similarly, to oblige the MADAM FROM ITALY the Chief Minister of Delhi State is a woman and so is the Speaker of Parliament in Delhi where Sonia goes to sit down looking at the Speaker. Would she like to see a MAN in that chair, more so a Hindu?\\\\\\\\\\\ It is worth listening to the speech by President Obama on hearing the news of Bin Laden's death. That is what India's sari clad lady supreme commander ought to have said after the Mumbai attack. But what did SHE say? NOTHING. If we were to let her walk out now, she would take cooked dinner herself on bare feet to Killer Kasab in the jail cell to "feel good" as a Gandhi Bhakta. What DETERRENT for the ENEMY is the Lady? \\\\\\ The call of duty, chivalry and patriotism is, that we must RESPOND and RETALIATE to that attack of 1947 on the Integrity of India. Otherwise the next attack is IMMINENT. Americans may have killed ONE Bin Laden. A THOUSAND more will be born in Hindusthan where we tolerate and listen to the Muslims' views on Bin Laden's death. \\\\\\\\\\\ There is NO escape for the nation under such cowardly LEADERS who never, never, never, respond to aggression but become a doormat for the enemy to walk over- century after century. Even Sonia Gandhi's first entry into the Prime Minister's house without security vetting was an act of aggression. that the nation tolerated as the HINDUS' "way of life".. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, it is the question of our ever reducing (invisible) internal stature with every defeat, retreat and ceasefire. A nation thus reduced becomes a nation of spiritual dwarfs. And without SPIRIT a nation is DEAD. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========= 000000000