Date: 05 May 2011


EX PRESIDENT OF INDIA, A MUSLIM, PROPHESIZES INDIA TO BE A MODERN COUNTRY BY 2020 AD. \\\\\\\ -------------\\\\\\\-------------- \\\\\\\\ RESPONSE:\\\\\\\\\ O YES, MR. KALAM?\\\\\\\\ Your prediction for 2020 is as interesting as ludicrous. \\\\\\\\\\\ We swore under God's COMMANDMENT on the day our LAHORE, MULTAN & EAST BENGAL vanished from Bapu Gandhi's "Akhand Bharat", NEVER (NEVER) TO TRUST A MUSLIM who can be "Secular" only through Deception and Opportunism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since "BANDIT" NEHRU took over India promptly when the British masters left, he did not write this Commandment in his "Hindu Bashing" Vidhan with the cancer of Article 370 embedded in it. \\\\\\\\\\\ Now here is the real scenario for 2020: \\\\\\\\\\\ BY 2020 the Rest of HINDUSTHAN, too, may come under your ISLAMIC FLAG IF a worthless Italian import by BOFORS CHOR continues to guide the simple sikh prime minister for the next nine years. \\\\\\\\\\\ IF the Muslim numbers keep on rising at the present "OSAMA BIN LADEN" rate (ELEVEN children from FIVE wives), and even MORE on the example of “role model” MOHAMMED, the Hindus will become a MINORITY in your PARTITONED India long before 2020. \\\\\\\\\\\\ IF in the next nine years the INDIAN MUSLIMS do not once again stab Bharat in the back exactly as in 1947. Then there will be millions of new widows and orphans running around as refugees rather than enjoying the promised prosperity. \\\\\\\\\\ IF your Bharat does not recover North Kashmir in the next five months. \\\\\\\\\\\ IF you do not go to SRINAGAR and live there till the last Hindu REFUGEE family can return and live there safely. For these wretched refugees your India is an OBSCENE joke. Have you done anything to EDUCATE the Hindus to "RELATE" to their fellow Hindus and their territory? \\\\\\\\\\\ IF you yourself do not go to ISLAMABAD and ask them to EITHER send their KORAN back to Mecca, dissolve their rebellious Republic OR take back all the MUSLIMS from BROKEN BHARAT as per TRANSFER OF POPULATION that was INHERENT & IMPLIED (but never implemented) in the “Act of Partition”, 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ IF you yourself, given your genius & intelligence, do not shed ISLAM, a crude import from MECCA for the MORONS, and honour your own NATIVE “Sons and Daughters of GOD” like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak. \\\\\\\\\\ You could even put BUDDHA above MOHAMMED. What’s wrong in praying in your own mother tongue unless it is Arabic? \\\\\\\\\\\\ It's very lucrative for many Indians, bored at home, to turn up in America and speak to the gullible audiences and collect dollars, Please wake up and encourage the INTIMIDATED “SECULARISED” HINDU NATION back home first, that is quite reconciled to bogus Partition due to TERROR OF ISLAM, \\\\\\\\\\\ MR KALAM, while Pakistan is making the nuclear bombs to be dropped on YOUR country, you are talking of 2020. \\\\\\\\\\\ Incidentally ONLY YOU KNOW if you passed on any nuclear secrets to the ISLAMIC republic next door that popped out of India's body in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus trapped there had to FLEE, given the choice of “ISLAM OR DEATH!” but your fellow Muslims did have the choice, either to stay on in Partitioned Indian Secular State (Bharat) or migrate to Pakistan and occupy the houses or mansions built by hard working Hindus and Sikhs for their own families. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 05.05.11 ---------------------.. 000000000