Date: 07 May 2011


It's very well put in humour.\\\\\\\\\ However the last sentence, "Wonder how India survives even flourishes!" needs response. \\\\\\\\\ A man had a serious accident. His leg and arm had to be amputated and he was still in hospital due to spread of virus. \\\\\\\ His friends would ask the family after they visited him every day, "How is our dear friend Mohandas Karamchand Ji?" \\\\\\\\\\ The family would reply, "Still he is alive but the doctors are not sure of total recovery." \\\\\\\\\\ Those who once had the dream of, and conviction in, "Akhand Bharat" know of the serious accident a day before India got her Independence. Only they can notice the limbs that are missing. They also notice with fear & apprehension the MUSLIMS all over and know that Pakistan was conceded for the INDIAN Muslims who escaped ethnic cleansing because Nehru was one of them! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------- \\\\\\\\ In a message dated 07/05/2011 20:51:04 GMT Standard Time, xxxxx writes: \\\\\\\\\\ Date: 7 May 2011 17:02 Subject: Why Osama Bin Laden got killed!! To: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10 Reasons - Why Osama Bin Laden got killed!! \\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Manmohan Singh is not the President of US. 2. Barack Obama doesnít take permission from Sonia ji. 3. He was not hiding in India. Our system is unable to find a Chief Minister in own country, can you expect them to find Osama. 4. He didnít surrender himself to Indian government. This government is not able to give death sentence to already arrested and proven guilty Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru after years. Osama could have spent a lifetime here at our expense and in 7* comfort.. 5. CBI was not incharge of investigation and operation. They are busy in saving Kalmadi ,Raja, Kanimozi, Balwa etc. 6. Amar Singh didnít leak the tape of Obamaís phone, neither talked to Jayaprada at night on this. 7. In Pakistan, he was not in minority community, so no human right activist and secular journalist came to save him, bechara Padgaonkar, Mahesh Bhatt, Shabana Azmi, Arundhoti Roy etc.etc. 8. He didnít meet Ekta Kapoor. She could have given him tips to be alive again. 9. He didnít request Rajnikant to save him. 10. Last but not the least. He trusted Pakistan. But our Manmohan Singh loves to trust Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thought of the day: No one is safe in Pakistan.....not even Osama Bin Laden. Everyone is safe in India......even Ajmal Kasab & all the political thieves, rogue babus, businessmen. \\\\\\\\\\\ Wonder how India survives even flourishes! 000000000