If Bin Laden was killed by Indian Security forces..

Date: 08 May 2011


COMPARING A LION WITH A MOUSE!\\\\\\\\\\\\ If Bin Laden was killed by Indian Security forces.. \\\\\\\\\\ Some brave outfit of our security forces locate the most wanted man in his hide out near connought place. Director of the force contacts national security adviser who in turn located cabinet secretary. PM as usual directs a junior minister in PMO to handle and commissions Kapil Sibal and Chidambaram to defend the slow response. Meanwhile the striking force without waiting for the permission makes the final attempt and kill the dreaded man. \\\\\\\\\ 1. PM apologises to the Muslim community and order an enquiry. \\\\\\\\\ 2. Teesta Setalwad files a petition in the supreme court calling for institution of an SIT. \\\\\\\\\\ 3. Justices Markendeya Katju and Sathasivam issues notice to the Director of the security force. \\\\\\\\\\ 4. The court appoints an SIT and directly supervises the investigation. \\\\\\\\\\ 5. The brave soldiers involved are suspended by the government. \\\\\\\\\ 6. Sonia and Chidambaram expresses their deep regrets. \\\\\\\\\\\ 7. Compensation of one crore each is announced to the next of kin of those killed. \\\\\\\\\\ 8. Increased Reservation to Muslims announced in all India recruitments. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 9. Kerala and West Bengal assemblies pass resolutions against barbaric killing of a secular leader. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 10. CPM and left parties protest against the action and calls for nation wide harthals. \\\\\\\\\\\ O Hindus, this is the present and true situation of today's 'Hindu majority' India, where Muslim criminals are kept in luxurious 'custody' (for example, Kasab) and Hindus (example - Sadhvi Pragya) are tortured brutally, even if it has not been proved that they are criminals. Now there is no other option to oust the Hindu-traitor politicians and come together to establish “Hindu-Nation' !\\\\\\\\\ *Source: <http://www.haindavakeralam.com/HKPage.aspx?PageID=13759&SKIN=B> * 000000000