SWAMY RAM DEV . Satyagrah Yes, Fast NO!

Date: 09 May 2011


Satyagrah Yes, Fast NO! TIMELY, WISE & CORRECT! \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Your message of sanity and wisdom (below) ought to be conveyed to Swamiji. He should immediately drop the idea of "fasting unto death", that is the very last resort of a defeated leader in DESPAIR & HELPLESSNESS. \\\\\\\\\ Please compare this typical "Hindu" defeatist response to Guru Gobind Singhji's call, "When all means fail, it is righteous to draw the sword." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "You, Swamiji, should not be in despair nor feel helpless. You have picked up the shovel and removed the first dirty sod of corruption from the mountain. As time moves on, you will see more and more shovels coming out and digging up the filth and dirt of Congressi and Dynastic CORRUPTION. You will not be alone. \\\\\\\\\\\ As a leader please do not take the path of ELIMINATING YOURSELF but go on guiding & inspiring your following to rise, and do the impossible. That is what the Traitor MOHAMMED a. Jinnah did. Instead of "going on fast" in support of his demand for Pakistan, he did what Guru Gobind Singhji asked the HINDUS to do. He shook the mighty British King & Viceroy and took out his Pakistan. Why do only the HINDUS resort to non violence and fasting to death? What is the REASON? What are the IMPLICATIONS? \\\\\\\\\\\ Swamiji, you do know the pathetic example of MK Gandhi who became the laughing stock due to his INEFFECTIVE fasts unto death. In the end when he really ought to have gone on fast unto death to save his AKHAND BHARAT from the ENEMY, he had NO breath left for it. Our enemies found him like a mouse who was waiting to be shot by a patriot. \\\\\\\\\\\ The sad reality is that already the Hindu nation is like a dying sparrow caught in the CLAWS of the hawk called CONGRESS & DYNASTY. The Hindu nation is at the same state of awareness as when Guru Gobind Singhji compared the lot to JACKALS. \\\\\\\\\\\ The ENEMY then (as, indeed, now) was so powerful that Guruji was eliminated along with all his family. The ENEMY today is no different. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Congress & Dynasty have the additional support of the INDIAN Muslims, too, who never left for their Pakistan after breaking up our India into three parts. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ So please do a reality check first on the strength of the Hindu nation today through the eyes of mad Muslim missionary ZAKIR NAIK, and while looking at the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir and the ruins in Ayodhya. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ When Guru Tegh Bahadur ji was BEHEADED in the centre of DELHI there was NO uprising but only shock and grief and MOURNING in the entire Hindu nation. Aurangzeb never lost an iota of his authority over our people. Later, IN OUR OWN LIFE TIME, when Gandhi FAILED and died moral death on August 15, 1947, there was NO uprising among the Hindu nation. Gandhi breathed his last whispering "COWARDLY HINDU FOLLOWING. I COULD NOT ROUSE THEM." The Government propaganda machine told all that his last words were, "Hey Ram!" NOT AT ALL. If he was loyal to Sri Ram he would have appeared in Ayodhya and cried over the RUIN of the ancient Temple and cried. He was al loyal to Sri ram as to our Akhand Bharat. He could not even defend the two cities associated with the two sons of Sri Ram, LAHORE & KASUR. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So please beware! First CONTINUE TO RAISE AWARENESS of the ignorant disunited, selfish and timid Hindu nation. The Government at this time is no less ruthless and ANTI HINDU as during the British and the Mogul Eras. We are all concerned that YOU may go like Guru Tegh Bahadur and MK Gandhi, to little avail. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What will shake and OUST this corrupt Sarkar is the SHAKTI OF HINDU NATION. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Please FIGHT the war with wisdom. There is a military Staff College in South India. Its motto is "TO WAR WITH WISDOM!" It is not asking any General or field marshal to sacrifice his own life. The survival of the LEADER is of utmost important to a nation. The fools keep on saying, "I SHALL DIE FOR MY COUNTRY.," while the wise say, "I WILL NOT DIE BUT MAKE MY ENEMIES DIE AND GO TO HELL." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please discuss this aspect of futility of fasting unto death. Neither Churchill did so nor Stalin. Why our own Ram Dev ji? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9 May 11. (Victory Day in Europe & Russia). ============================= \\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 09/05/2011 02:28:41 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxx.in writes:\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Swami Ramdevji has announced that he will be starting a Satyagrah with a fast unto death from 4th June 2011 in New Delhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Although the whole world knows of his Satyagrah a month ago through the Aastha TV, the media is covering the news only now, when the news could no more be suppressed. That is how our news-hungry media behaves! \\\\\\\\\\ But I have a request to make to Swami Ramdevji. He should go for the Satyagrah and Dharna, and NOT for fasting unto death. Through the Satyagrah he should show his power which will itself frighten the corrupt politicians ruling our country. He can even challenge them politically - announcing the formation of a political party. He should field candidates in all the parliamentary constituencies and capture power at the centre. He can then implement his agenda. All this is OK. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But fasting unto death is risky. First, the fast will deteriorate his health. Second, the Congress never considered Anna Hazare as its enemy because he did not challenge it politically. Since Swami Ramdevji is challenging the Congress politically, the Congress considers him as an enemy. It will take this opportunity to ‘eliminate’ him. One or two days after the fast starts, the UPA government may arrest him and take him to a hospital and give him some injection on the pretext of saving his life, but in fact with long term effect to finish him off slowly in a few years. God forbid, but this may happen as the Congress will do anything to finish off its enemy. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Every nationalist Indian wants Swami Ramdevji to live for a few hundred years. He should make the nation and its people healthy through Yog and Politics, and guide Maa Bharathi to become the Vishwa Guru. What he is doing has the mass support of Indians, and he should go ahead with his programme of Nayi Azadi and Nayi Vyavastha. \\\\\\\\\\\ In short, Swami Ramdevji should go ahead with his Satyagrah and Dharna, but CANCEL ‘fasting unto death’. \\\\\\\\\\ As it is, we have lost Rajiv Dixitji. We CANNOT lose Swami Ramdevji. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Editor, Hindu Voice & National Spirit -- 000000000