Date: 10 May 2011


Re: News from Pakistan: Mother of all embarrassments \\\\\\\\\\\ Thank you for the news from Pakistan. \\\\\\\\ Millions of Hindus and Sikhs, who were living happily in today's "ILLEGITIMATE" Pakistan (imposed upon us without referendum or condition), will recall the sudden upheaval in Indian politics when we were uprooted and had to flee for life. There was immense POLITICAL VACUUM in Hindusthan, BUT NO EMBARRASSMENT FELT BY GANDHI OR NEHRU, when the sons of soil, the Hindus, did not have anyone to stand up to the separatist Muslim JINN or counter him. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Today, too, Italian born Sonia indicates to the world similar POWER VACUUM in Partitioned India and the future is not promising. Our President, SUPREME COMMANDER, Lok Sabha, Chief of the Army Staff and all the Chief Ministers of 27 States, do NOT feel any embarrassment. \\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan, therefore, from Day ONE is OUR own land, an integral and inseparable part of AKHAND BHARAT, captured, violated and degraded by the despicable savage followers of MOHAMMED OF MECCA who trampled upon Secularism, Democracy and ALL the Indians. Pakistan is India's biggest and eternal EMBARRASSMENT since August 15, 1947.\\\\\\\\\\\ The present embarrassment, as you mention, is nothing as compared to the wrecked and ruined lives of the PAKI MUSLIMS themselves, who had hoped to live in abundance and affluence after the extermination of the KAFIRS. But they promptly entered the Era of Murder & Mayhem when the first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated in Rawalpindi on 16 October, 1951. For the first time Pakistan was embarrassed. \\\\\\\\\\\ But on the Indian side there was NO embarrassment when JINNAH declared at Lahore in March 1940 that "the differences between Hindus and the Muslims were so great and so sharp that their union under one central government was full of serious risks. They belonged to two separate and distinct nations and therefore the only chance open was to allow them to have separate states." \\\\\\\\\\\ Neither then, nor today do the INDIAN leaders have any embarrassment in ignoring that deadly ultimatum of separation. Barristers-at-Law Nehru and Gandhi closed their eyes like the pigeon when the cat approaches. \\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan was imposed on secular India and the INDIAN Muslims rejoiced. But the INFIDELS (Kafirs) have left behind something that will eventually DESTROY Pakistan along with her Mohammed and Koran, all utterly inept and unsuitable impositions on the ancient and civilized HINDUSTHAN that has yet to feel embarrassed or ashamed. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The greatest embarrassment for us INDIANS, the NATIVES of the sacred soil, is our own ignorance, slavish mentality and adoration of the foreigner- even a camel driver from the desert is a VIP in all the THREE fragments of India (Bangladesh, Bharat and Pakistan). \\\\\\\\\\ The reason is simple: There are always the normal citizens in a society and then inevitably, as if under Laws of Nature, there are the robbers, bandits, burglars and "bastards" who use THREATS, BULLYING, VIOLENCE & FORCE to capture what belongs to the others. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thus Pakistan came out of TREACHERY, BETRAYAL, TREASON, BULLYING & VIOLENCE against their own fellow citizens, the NON Muslims and against their OWN LAND OF BIRTH. Only a MUSLIM, the follower of Mohammed of Mecca, can be so low down and beastly as to KILL, KILL, ABDUCT, RAPE, LOOT and KILL. Brainwashed or INTIMIDATED Indians are too embarrassed to ask about those who perished and never made to free India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Do we believe in the EVENTUAL VICTORY of THE RIGHTEOUS? Do we believe in the encouragement of Sri Krishna to Arjun in the battlefield of Kurukshetra? \\\\\\\\\\ Then it means that Pakistan is now going through the process of her own DISSOLUTION. First stage is the Muslims KILLING Muslims- not in tens and hundreds but in thousands. This is how Nature sweeps away the ideological filth in a country including the alien, crude and nonsensical "holy" books and the savage laws under them like stoning to death and the amputation of human limbs. \\\\\\\\\\\\ NATIVES of HINDUSTHAN (the Hindus) WILL TRIUMPH EVENTUALLY. So let us see "illicit & illegitimate" Pakistan's dance of death and hope that one day they will be SO ASHAMED when embarrassment crosses all limits as to repent, and BEG TO COME BACK TO MOTHER (India). \\\\\\\\\\\\ Don't worry if we don't see Pakistan vanish within a year or a decade. The WHEEL OF IRREVOCABLE DESTINY revolves rather slowly and NONE can stop it, not even MOHAMMED of Mecca. After all he, too, was just a fallible human to be born and DIE like the rest of us. \\\\\\\\\\\ In the very near future there will be NO Pakistan left to feel embarrassed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10 May 11. \\\\\\\\\ ==========\ \\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 10/05/2011 21:01:20 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\\\\writes: Dear Jaya, \\\\\\\\\\ I agree with everything said in this well written article you have sent us, and shall criticise it only for what it leaves unsaid -- its silence over the illegal assassination of someone following the orders of the US president, which has outraged the majority of the German public, and, for the approval of which, the German chancellor, Merkel, will have to defend herself in a German Court. \\\\\\\\\\\ I agree in particular with the following sentence in this article: "we’ll keep subscribing to theories of Indian hostility and encirclement, because these are the foundations on which stands the peculiar national security state we have constructed, forever threatened and insecure". But honesty should force us to admit that the same is true of those in India who control the media and have invented the theory of " India's encirclement by Cchina and Pakistan" to justify the spending of money not on education and poverty reduction but on buying weapons from foreign powers with their fabulous and particularly safe kickbacks (money being directly deposited in a tax haven account), which the ministerial members of the Lokpal drafting committee are doing their best to keep out of the purview of the Lokpal Regards, .\\\\\\\\\\\\ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Le 10/05/2011 18:40, XXXXXXXXXX: And here is news from Pakistan about Osama, which sheds light on the embarrassment of the country that is now caught between a rock and a hard place. A good look in the mirror. XXXXXXXXXXXXX 000000000