"More Osamas will be born." o yes?

Date: 10 May 2011


Please do not worry about "The Asian Age" or any other INDIAN (CRAP) media. To them the Muslims are tigers while the rest of the world is sheep and the deer. None of them has dared to print even "Akhand Bharat" since the death of Bapu Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, If America can take on the "tigers" called IRAK, AFGHANISTAN and LIBYA simultaneously in one breath, what is "chicken" PAKISTAN when seen from Washington, DC (though she is an ANGRY LION when seen by the Indian Supreme Commander sitting in "Rashtrapati Bhawan" in Delhi)? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly Pakistan will STARVE TO DEATH if America stops sending dollars that feed its ARMY and the GOVERNMENT. The starving Pakistanis will be so violent that their country will come under MARSHAL LAW again in order to keep them quiet like the people in BAHRAIN and SYRIA today. \\\\\\\\\\\ Do not measure the "SHAKTI" of the WEST by the yard stick of INDIA's weakness which has FAILED to recover North Kashmir or hang to death Killer KASAB for fear of Islamic backlash. \\\\\\\\\\ Don't expect the INDIAN media to carry out the REALITY CHECK. They cannot name even the first cousins of Feroze Khan who married Indira "Gandhi"! \\\\\\\\\ \\ 10 May 11. ============ In a message dated 10/05/2011 20:12:44 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\.com writes: There is some truth in this boast.\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Truth is - Militants and militiant groups will keep rising from among the youth indoctrinated by Jamaat e Islami and other Islamist groups. \\\\\\\\\\\ I will show several actual examples. ====\\\\\\\\\ More ‘Osamas will be born from every drop of his blood’: Pak Jamaat e Islami chief \\\\\\\\\\ From ANI \\\\\\\\\\ Islamabad, May 9: Jamat-e-Islami Amir, Munawar Hassan, has said the Pakistan Army had been disgraced by the US operation in Abbattabad, and warned that more 'Osamas will be born from each and every drop of his blood'. \\\\\\\\\\\ "The nation will need to reject those who exhibited negligence in the Abbottabad operation," The News quoted Hassan, as saying. \\\\\\\\\\\ He also warned that the death of Osama bin laden is not the end of crisis because more such people will come up in the near future unless the unjust and discriminatory attitude of the US and the West changes.\\\\\\\\ "Osama was not just an individual; he was a symbol ..... more Osamas will be born from each and every drop of his blood," Hassan maintained, adding, the Abbottabad operation exposed the inefficiency of the institutions. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Copyright Asian News International/DailyIndia.com \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ http://www.dailyindia.com/show/438864.php 000000000