Date: 11 May 2011

Comment -------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\ Dear friend, \\\\\\\\\\\\ We have read the blog with interest. Sorry, Gandhi does not impress us at all, nor is he entitled to be called a "Mahatma". \\\\\\\\\\ A TRUE Mahatma was Guru Tegh Bahadur who did NOT mislead the Hindus into the trap called "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai". He would have embraced Islam and saved his life if that were the case! \\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi's preaching, chanting and fasting left the Hindus totally unprepared for the savage ATTACK that was building up. And when it came his India suffered horrendous defeats and fractures and had no way out except to sign the unconditional surrender of five provinces in perpetuity to the ENEMY. \\\\\\\\\\\ However, what is noteworthy is his total alignment with the masses even with regard to passivity of slaves and propensity to please the rulers by playing their fiddle (unlike Nelson Mandela) and appease the Muslims like Neville Chamberain. ( \\\\\\\\\\ He did avoid luxuries of life and the autocratic style of life, unlike Nehru, and, instead, went vegetarian. But what about the following line in your blog: \\\\\\\\ "He frequently explained that there was indeed a deep ideological clash of civilizations between Britain and India." \\\\\\\\\\\\ What Barrister-at-Law Gandhi did not notice, or bother to notice, was the "even deeper ideological clash of civilizations between ISLAM and the HINDUS. That lethal RIFT was so marked and obvious as the one between the "war mongering, intolerant KAFIR KILLER Mohammed of Mecca" and the "gentle, lamb like" GANDHI himself who loathed to kill even a fly. \\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi dishonestly chose to ignore the CENTURIES of brutal suppression of the enslaved Hindus prior to the British rule. Such an unforgivable blunder of comprehension on Gandhi's part literally spelt death for his "Akhand Bharat" and the TENS OF MILLIONS of his wretched fellow Hindus. What a "leader" who pushed the innocent Hindus into the giant ABATTOIR, then shut the door and RAN AWAY! \\\\\\\\\\\ This TRAVESTY of wisdom in mixing up a temporary adversary with the PERMANENT ENEMY was the undoing of both Gandhi and his Akhand Bharat to the eternal humiliation and shame of his land of birth. Gandhi did not live in REAL world but in his own make-believe world of "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!" \\\\\\\\\\\\\ When he was alive there were two ENEMIES of the Hindus. One was ISLAM, the other Colonial Britain. Both were FOREIGN in origin. They impacted on India in the following ways: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. PLUNDER OF WEALTH 2. SAVAGE AND BRUTAL TREATMENT OF THE ENLSAVED HINDUS 3. CAPTURE (DOMINATION) OF TERRITORY 4. CONVERSION BY SWORD & PERSUASION 5. SECULARISM 6. BRAINWASHING. 7. DESTRUCTION, DESECRATION AND VIOLATION OF NATIVE RELIGION. 8. LASTING DAMAGE \\\\\\\\\\ Now, here is the evaluation: \\\\\\\\ No. 1. Both were similar.\\\\\\\\ No. 2. MUSLIMS TAKE THE CAKE \\\\\\\\ No. 3. MUSLIMS CAPTURED FIVE PROVINCES (ONE THIRD OF INDIA) IN PERPETUITY. THE BRITISH DID NOT TAKE AWAY EVEN A SOD OF OUR SOIL. (Before embarking the ships they dusted off the Indian soil from their shoes.)\\\\\\\\\\ No. 4. MUSLIM CONVERSION WAS SAVAGE, VIOLENT AND BEASTLY, THEIR SHARIA LAW GAVE THEM THE LEGAL RIGHT TO TAX THE HINDUS (JEZIA), KILL, ABDUCT, RAPE AND CONVERT THE HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\ HINDUS, BEING "INFIDELS" AS PER KORAN, THE MUSLIMS LOOKED AT, AND TREATED, THEM LIKE THE NAZIS VS.THE JEWS. THEY DESTROYED EVERY TEMPLE THEY COULD SEE. GANDHI NEVER MENTIONED THE ALIEN "BEASTS", NOR WENT THROUGH THE KORAN WITH A COMB.\\\\\\\\\ 5. SECULARISM AND ISLAM? ANY IMBECILE WOULD KNOW THIS BUT TO GANDHI IT DID NOT MATTER AT ALL. HE NEVER WENT ON "FAST UNTO DEATH" OVER THE SPIRITUAL MURDER OF KARACHI, MULTAN, LAHORE AND THE WHOLE OF EAST BENGAL. \\\\\\\\\\ 6. BOTH WERE EQUALLY BAD IN BRAINWASHING THE HINDUS INTO BELIEVING THAT THE NATIVE IS INFERIOR TO THE FOREIGNER. BRAINWASHED INTO INSECURITY AND CONFUSION THE HINDUS ARE STILL CONVERTING TO CRUDE ISLAM IN PARTITONED INDIA RIGHT NOW. AND, EVEN AFTER "INDEPENDENCE" THE INDIANS ARE SEEN CLINGING TO THE FOOT OF THE ITALIAN BORN SONIA WITHOUT ANY SHAME OR DISGUST. THIS IS THE RESULT OF INFERIORITY COMPLEX DUE TO BRAINWASHING. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7. TO THE CREDIT OF THE BRITISH THEY NEVER DESTROYED ANY TEMPLE OR SMASHED ANY SACRED IDOL UNLIKE THE MUSLIMS WHO DID NOT LEAVE ANY TEMPLE STANDING ACROSS NORTHERN INDIA. EVEN TODAY THE TERRIFIED HINDUS AVOID GATHERING IN AYODHYA LEST THEY BE ATTACKED BY THE MUSLIMS AND THEN BURNT ALIVE LIKE THE PILGRIMS ON THE TRAIN NEAR GODRA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8. WHAT LASTING DAMAGE DID THE BRITISH INFLICT ON INDIA? THEY TURNED PEOPLE LIKE JL NEHRU INTO ANTI NATIONAL “BROWN SAHIBS” WHO SAW REAL PATRIOTS LIKE SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE THROUGH THE EYES OF THE COLONIAL MASTERS. WHAT THE MUSLIMS DID CAN BE SEEN ON THE MAP. THE WHOLE OF WESTERN AND EASTERN INDIA, AND NORTH KASHMIR, HAVE VANISHED. THAT IS THE PERMANENT DAMAGE DONE TO INDIA BY THE MUSLIMS. EVEN GANDHI DIED THE DEATH OF A COWARD AND TRAITOR FOR FAILING TO PREVENT PARTITION. HE COLD HAVE DONE THAT ONLY IF HE HAD ANY BREATH LEFT IN HIS BODY TO WARN MOHAMMED A. JINN, "IF YOU CARVE YOUR PAKISTAN OUT OF THE BODY OF BHARAT THEN WE WILL EXPEL OR EXTERMINATE ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS." \\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally, the “after shocks” of GANDHI are still crippling the Hindu nation- both mentally and physically. The average Hindu is still a coward and a slave in MIDDLE INDIA though Britain LEFT over six decades ago. Gandhi is not being assessed honestly, objectively and impartially, especially with regard to his moral death BEFORE his physical death, and with regard to the despicable title of his being the "Father of Pakistan". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11.05.11 ============ ------------------------ 000000000