Date: 12 May 2011


12 May 11: Comment posted on "ACT FOR AMERICA" site: \\\\\\\\\\\\ INDIA GAVE THEM LAND AND ALSO KEPT THEM BACK FOR HER OWN “ENDLOESUNG”. \\\\\\\\ "But I have to tell you that I take issue with your position on Israel," said the new Muslim intern at the interview. \\\\\\\\\ She should have been asked to take issue with the birth of PAKISTAN, a state created for the INDIAN Muslims where the MUSLIMS wiped out the entire Non Muslim population within weeks (Hindus and Sikhs alike), and forced OVER 15 MILLION TO FLEE, leaving their homes and possessions behind. \\\\\\\\\\\ The extent and severity of MOHAMMED & HIS ISLAM became OBVIOUS within seconds of the birth of this ISLAMIC REPUBLIC when Broken Bharat (PARTITIONED INDIA) learnt that all the MUSLIMS were going to STAY PUT in India, too, due to suicidal largesse of JL NEHRU and MK GANDHI. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since the intolerant separatist violent Kafir-Killer & "LAND EATER" Muslims were allowed to remain back in Bharat, now they have MULTIPLIED 20-fold like Osama Bin Laden, and pose LETHAL THREAT to the kind-hearted HINDUS who gave them TERRITORY and ALSO kept them back. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let Israel be wiser. ========================== 000000000