Date: 13 May 2011


Re: What's China doing in Pakistan-owned-Kashmir (PoK)? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sir,\\\\\\\ Please permit me to offer the following comment on the QUESTION above. \\\\\\\\\\\\ To find the answer, we need to look at the question in the following ways:- Firstly, we ask, "What, or Who, is Pakistan?" \\\\\\\\\ The reply is, "Pakistan is Mother India's abducted daughter with whom India, the mother, has voluntarily severed all links, renounced all obligations and abdicated all rights in favour of the gangsters who CAPTURED her." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly, we ask, "What is POK?" \\\\\\\\\\ The reply is, "POK is the grand daughter of India, still regarded an integral part of India by India's present rulers like West Bengal and East Punjab. She was abducted and made his concubine by Mohammed of Mecca when India was sleeping," \\\\\\\\\\\ Thirdly, what is China doing in POK?, The answer is, "Since India is DEAD, ENSLAVED, SECULAR, "GOAT", or VOICELESS, there came about an alarming POWER VACUUM in South Asia. China filled it as per LAWS OF NATURE. Previously, similar periods of POWER VACUUM in Hindusthan were FILLED IN by the Muslims from Middle East and the Christians from Europe. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus, we get the answer to the question, "What's China doing in PoK?" without any further head scratching. \\\\\\\\\\\ But if the Hindu LEADERS do the impossible, i.e., unite the nation, then move the clock backwards, mobilise their followers to wipe out the corrupt Congress Party and oust the DYNASTY, then at first Pakistan will vanish, then POK will become a district of Kashmir, and finally China will pack up in POK and move elsewhere, for example, to Sudan, Rwanda or Libya. \\\\\\\\ The question in the subject line is hard, like the sharp blade of COLD STEEL fitted in front of the rifle. \\\\\\\\\\ Therefore, the answer cannot be given either by an Internet Discussion Group or by the traditional SUPREME COMMANDER who is like a ball of soft cotton with the photo of Mahatma Gandhi handing in her office. \\\\\\\\ The HINDU nation has had such gentle teetotaller vegetarian Supreme Commanders (and Mahatmas) for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Hence, NEVER a single day of sovereignty. \\\\\\\\\\\ 13.05.11 =====\\\ 000000000